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By: Outdoor Electric Heater  05/12/2011
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The PIR utilises passive infrared technology to detect heat radiation of moving human bodies. Upon detection, the attached heating load will activate for a user-determined time period.

This is part of the new generation of controllers from Heatlight Technology where the accent is on reducing running costs and achieving a low environmental impact.

Controller – HLVR1

The unit is simple to operate; by turning a single knob from off through 0 to 100% the power input is adjusted thus regulating the heat output.

The power is regulated by phase angle control with an integral RFI filter to ensure compliance with CE EMC requirements. To reduce electrical stress and increase reliability an advanced snubberless 25A high surge triac is installed.

The compact unit is easy to install by a qualified electrician. A single controller can regulate three 1KW, two 1.5KW or one 3KW heater.

By reducing the power required energy is saved, making the unit environmentally friendly and affordable from savings in electricity costs

Timer – HLOTIM2

Users can instantly and easily switch on heat or light when required and the electronic timer will switch off the equipment after a pre-set delay. The time delay is fully adjustable to suit occasion, season etc.

The Timer now incorporates a soft start which will increase the life of your infrared Heaters and avoid false tripping of RCD’s.

The compact unit is easy to install by a qualified electrician. A single controller can control up to six 1KW, four 1.3KW, four 1.5KW, two 3KW,  or one 6KW heater.

The timer can easily be retrofitted to existing equipment. The switch is tamperproof to prevent abuse and cannot be re-activated until the timer has turned off, a red LED indicates when the timer is in operation.

Dimmer – HLWDI9M

The unit incorporates a soft start function to eliminate the high inrush current associated with infrared lamps – potentially increasing lamp life by as much as 30% and reducing the stress on the mains supply.

Keywords: Heater

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