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By: Giy Ireland  05/12/2011
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25 Nov, 2011

Now is the time to finally get out of the rain and start planning for the new season.  The enthusiasm for gardening must have waned by now for even the most committed gardener.  I used to worry about it a lot.  What if I don’t like gardening anymore?  What else c..

18 Nov, 2011

  Compost making is one of my favourite gardening activities.  There is nothing nicer than turning your compost heap on a beautiful crisp November day. It is actually very easy to make excellent compost and we should all strive to achieve it as the benefits of good compost w..

07 Nov, 2011

  Most gardening books will tell you that now is the time to dig over your beds and let the frost and thaw break up the clumps and you’ll end up with a beautiful crumbly soil in spring nearly ready to sow or plant into.  This is wishful thinking in Ireland.  Most wi..

28 Oct, 2011

Hedges do not always need to be very formal and neat, they can also be very useful.  Instead of having a neatly pruned dense hedge you can design and manage it a lot more natural, very similar to a woodland edge.  And why not choose shrubs that are actually useful.  There..

24 Oct, 2011

  If we decide to grow our own vegetables and put all that hard work into it, we may as well have the very best and tastiest ones.  It’s quite obvious that freshly harvested vegetables taste a lot better and have a lot more nutrients in them.  Also, food that is gro..

16 Oct, 2011

  Last weekend I was up at the beautiful Antrim coast to attend to the Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Committee conference (  I was giving a talk on growing vegetables the traditional way and explained the importance of composting for soil and plant health..

07 Oct, 2011

Prune you blackcurrants now  (October)   Growing your own fruit is certainly one of the easiest and most productive gardening activities you can imagine.  You only need to plant a fruit tree or shrub and there it will be for the next few decades giving freely of its bou..

30 Sep, 2011

  One of the worst aliens that arrived in Ireland is the New Zealand Flatworm.  Every gardener should be worried about them because they feed almost exclusively on our beloved earthworms.  We all know that without the hard and continuous work of earthworms our soils would..

23 Sep, 2011

If your soil is reasonably free draining or if you have a nice raised bed you can now plant garlic and onion sets.  It is very encouraging for tiring gardeners to see new growth at the end of the year.  Both garlic are extremely hardy having survived the last two icy winters.&nb..

19 Sep, 2011

  Growing a natural hedge – without even planting it! This is a wonderful concept of getting a natural hedge for absolutely no cost while contributing to the environment and natural diversity.  This type of hedge has been invented by a man called Benjes Hermann  a..

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Keywords: gardening

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