Cresco Software

By: Appsfor  05/12/2011

At Cresco Software, we use our IT, financial and business experience and knowledge to get your systems working as they should. 

Many business owners and managers are not getting information quickly enough.  They also want to free their own time and that of their employees towards performing more value added activities.  In many cases they are unsure about the reliability of the business reports being produced.

Vast quantities of data are keyed into computer systems and yet the standard reports available to users are inadequate.  Writing new reports can be both time consuming and technically difficult.  Are you tired of importing and exporting data, copying and pasting information and relying on Excel?

We believe in providing practical services in the following areas as required:

  • Reporting - We can help you get the specific reports and information you need from your systems.
  • Data Migration - If you decide to change your software, we can work with you to make the transfer as efficient as possible, avoiding disruption to your business.
  • Integration - We can help bring your sources of data together
  • Data recovery - We can work with you to avoid duplicate data entry from paper records
  • Data Cleansing - Get useful and accurate data from your systems