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By: Waterford Stanley Service  05/12/2011
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Around-the-clock burner service

Oil burner problems always seem to come at the worst times: in the middle of the night, over the holidays, or on the weekend. We're ready any time day or night 365 days a year to tackle your burner problems. Ray Ryan will be at your home or office promptly so you're never left out in the cold.

For your convenience, we will provide you with a temporary burner should your one have to be taken away for repair, so you wont be left in the cold. Our goal is to provide the best service at the best rates without wasting your time.  We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

Keeping your oil burner well maintained can head off problems and maximize your heating system's efficiency. A well-maintained system reduces heat loss and saves on fuel, reducing your total energy costs. Regular burner servicing also ensures the safety and comfort of your home or office, providing you with valuable peace of mind.

So whether you need oil burner maintenance, an annual tune-up or emergency service, Ray Ryan makes sure an experienced independent burner technicians is at your door ready to take care of all your burner needs. It's just another way that Orion services is working for you.

Replacing Your Boiler

What do I do if my boiler is more than 15 years old?

Typically, the “as new” efficiency of an oil or gas boiler over 15 years old would have been less than 80%. It’s present efficiency today, due to wear and tear is unlikely to be greater than 70%.

The current range of boilers available today will have efficiencies greater than 90%. This represents an operational improvement in efficiency of up to 20 percentage points

Increasing the operational efficiency of your boiler by this amount represents an actual fuel saving of more than 25%.  In other words, by replacing an older, low efficiency boiler with a new, high efficiency boiler, you can cut your fuel bills by a quarter.

So, replacing old boilers makes good sense for two reasons:

Significant fuel cost savings with can only increase as energy prices escalate.

Improved reliability and safety.

If you have a boiler older than 15 years then it is most likely during the next few years that you will have to replace it on reliability grounds in any case. Change it now and start saving immediately!

Where possible, you should consider installing the highest efficiency boiler possible.  Condensing boilers have a much higher efficiency than non-condensing boilers, however there are some rare situations where installing one may not always be feasible.

Since March 31st 2008 when installing a replacement oil or gas boiler it is now a requirement that the boiler be condensing, where practical (Section L3, Building Regulations Part L amendment – S.I. No. 847 of 2007

Further information on  boilers at www.waterfordstanley.com/

Call for quotation on replacing your boiler. We have a fully qualified plumber for new installation and we also install all electrical provision such motorized valves, room stats and time clocks.

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