What Is A Building Energy Rating Certificate

By: Waterford Energy Assessors  05/12/2011
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A Building Energy Rating or BER is a standard calculation of your house's energy performance. In simple terms, it is a measure of just how much energy and carbon your house will use or produce over a given year. It's just like the Miles per Gallon (mpg) or litre per Kilometre (l/km) rating for your car or the A to G rating for a household electrical appliance.

When did a BER Rating for new houses come into effect?

A Building Energy Rating Certificate is required for all new houses that applied for planning permission after 1st January 2007. Houses that applied for planning before 1st January 2007 must have the external walls completed by 30th June 2008 without needing a BER. The Law Society has advised it's members that stage payments cannot be drawn down unless a BER Certificate is in place.

What is a Provisional BER Cert?

A Provisional BER Cert must be provider by a developer if a house is being sold off the plans. If you are applying for permission to build your own house, a Provisional BER Cert will be required as part of the planning application process. Waterford Energy Assessors will liaise with your Architect or Engineer to ensure that your design complies with Part L of the Building Regulations. A Provisional Cert should also include any recommendations for improvements that can be made to improve the BER. The Provisional BER Cert will enable you to draw down your stage payments. This Provisional Cert is valid for a maximum of 2 years while the house is being constructed.

What is a complete BER Cert?

A complete BER cert can only be completed when the dwelling has been completed to the specification given with the initial drawings. If a house or apartment was originally sold off the plans, the developer is obligated to arrange for a new BER Certificate to be supplied to the purchaser, based on the plans of the building as constructed, in light of any design or layout changes.

For a self build, if any changes or improvements have been made since the Provisional Cert was issued, these must be included in a new specification sheet and the house owner must sign the declaration of conformance that the house has been built in accordance with the Building Regulations and a new specification sheet if better quality materials were used.

How much does it cost?

Waterford Energy Assessors will provide a competitive quotation for the provision of the BER Cert. The exact price will depend on the size, age and complexity of the property. Please

for a quotation.

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