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By: Watchlinkgsm  05/12/2011

There are millions of machines around us - vending machines, elevators, pumps and meters, traffic lights.. To keep going, most of them need to be monitored and supervised, have information collected, parameters set and online transactions conducted. Communication is needed between systems, devices and individuals. That is what M2M stands for ; machine-to-machine, mobile-to-machine and machine-to-mobile.

Wireless technology is already managing data transmission and connection to the Internet. So it makes sense to put it to work in machines. The M2M business is in a phase of fast growth and M2M solutions are fast becoming a part of many companies' everyday life. GSM networks are used worldwide and so it makes sense to harness these networks for remote Telemetry applications. Applications can be found in almost any segment or environment such as ;

The WatchLink GSM WL-30 Pod shown above with the possibility to control devices and query data from them remotely, such as at home, at the office, or while on vacation. The compact sized Pod can be integrated with and installed in any industrial devices to provide marked improvements in productivity. These include air conditioners, security panels, access readers, or any household equipment for making automation solutions.

Together with optional GPS support, the Pod can improve managing transport vehicles and plant equipment. Because of its diverse range of interface connectors, the WL-30 Pod can be easily expanded to create other new products.

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With Configurator you can easily customize your own I/O configurations in terms of SMS text messages to be received from the unit in the event of alarms and SMS text messages to be sent to the unit to control your equipment. Using a modern quad band GSM/GPRS engine, the WL-30 GSM Pod incorporates all the parts that are necessary to enable you to have a meaningful conversation with your machines and appliances from a remote distance.