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By: Wantasite  05/12/2011
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On one side was Andy & Emily of

. They’re from Connecticut and sell organic, vegan apparel. We each bought one of their very cool T-shirts. They were great fun to hang out with. It’s quite an experience to visit NY one weekend and be amongst thousands of fellow comic book fans, then come back to Boston and partake in a festival with fellow vegans. It really does wonders for one’s convictions.

On the other side were representatives from

. This was one of the day’s highlights for me ’cause I had never heard of them. The group has been actively defending and protecting whales and other marine life for over 30 years. The Animal Planet features them in the reality program

Whale Wars

. I’d never heard of the show (?), but was intrigued when I spoke to Cam who was working the table when we first arrived. “We don’t petition or carry signs. We just stop them.” Laurie and I thought that was awesome! They’re proud pirates and I think it takes guts to step out of the kitchen and really dedicate your life to that fight. I want to research their efforts further and learn about how much work lies ahead in the fight to end whaling.

We took turns investigating all the other different restaurants, vendors, and exhibitors. Well, investigating and eating. Sooo much eating.

Our favorite vegan pizza

The best vegan pizza in the world was present at the

table. One slice of pepperoni and one of tomato please!

This was my second learning experience of the day (and please, no “duh” sounds). When I think “vegan”, I don’t typically think of one beverage versus another. I expect that most people would agree. But the rep at the

table told me how most sports drinks or even something as basic as ginger ale, use animal products, like beef tallow. It’s always disheartening to be reminded of just how many products use animals because they’re a cheap resource. It just isn’t necessary. Ultima happens to be a vegan beverage, but they’re campaign is about how it’s a “zero sugar, zero artificial” electrolyte drink. They use real fruits for the different fruit flavors. Pretty cool, and pretty delicious – I tried the raspberry. Yum!

Margaret & Trudy at

asked about my PWMF t-shirt when I passed by their table. They told me about their Canadian, family-owned business that produces various peas and pulse flours. Pulses are a low glycemic index food that’s high in protein. I got to try Yumpeez, one of the pulse based snacks. It’s free of nuts, gluten, lactose, and soy. It’d be a perfect base if you wanted to make your own trail mix snack. Their website has some great recipe ideas for how to use their products in soups, muffins, and desserts. I got a real kick out of meeting business owners who are passionate and ready to put in the work that these events require. They both looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Clothing’s table really stood out. The various designs and styles of shirts they were selling were terrific. Laurie made an excellent choice, I think, with her pick of their “Bacon Had a Mom” T-shirt.
Food wise, the big discovery for us has to have been from Bethlehem, PA. We sampled no less than four of their goodies *drool!* Two donuts – Chai and Boston Cream, both AHmazing, one sticky bun, and one double chocolate chunk cookie. Seriously, you don’t need dairy products for out-of-this-world baked goods. These tasted better than any traditional desserts and they were sweet in a way that wasn’t heavy with a fake, sugary aftertaste. They just seem fresher and lighter. It’s probably a good thing that it’s not too easy for us to get our hands on ‘em.

So there, Mother Nature. The snow and rain did nothing to dampen our spirits or taste buds. We ate, we drank, and man, were we merry! Tomorrow will be the last official day of Vegan MoFo, but it might be a little anti-climactic for me and my tiny plastic co-writers ’cause Boston, you spoiled us today!

Keywords: comic book

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