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By: Wantasite  05/12/2011
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Tomorrow is the start of the New York Comic Con. This is not your typical comic book convention at the local Holiday Inn. It’s the second largest comic book and pop culture gathering in the country. A four-day nonstop nerdgasm of guest stars, special screenings, exhibits, merchandise, and people pretending it’s okay to go out in public dressed as Jar Jar Binks.
The only one bigger is the San Diego Comic Con, which I’ve been to twice – in 1999 and in 2009. I needed 10 years to recover. Back then, I ate meat so this will be my first convention without the aid of corndogs, nachos, and Big Gulp cups full of pulled pork.
With over 96,000 attendees expected, I thought these tips might be of use to someone.

#1 You and I will be the only vegans there. Search me out – there’s strength in numbers. I’ll be wearing this nifty, new PWMF T-shirt so I’ll be easy to find.


con mix with dates, walnuts, craisins, and almonds. But be careful – don’t fill up on nuts cause they’re fattening and may slow you down when you’re trying to beat that 8-year old from Boise to a mint copy of

Howard the Duck


#3 When your food reserves are expired, meet me at the Food Depot Gourmet Deli. The neighborhood around the Javits Center is void of places to eat, unless you consider McDonald’s a place to eat. So this deli was recommended to me because of its sandwich counter, salad bar, hot food bar, veggie sushi options, and a selection of nuts & dried fruits. There’s even beer in the back! It’s at 460 W 34th Street.

#4 Be ready to stand in line. A lot. In fact, you’ll probably be able get thru Great Expectations, balancing your checkbook, 58 games of Hangman, and a phone call to your Cosplayers Anonymous sponsor while you’re waiting just to get into the exhibit hall.

#5 Be grateful it’s only 3 days. Well, four for me ’cause I get a press pass so I’ll be at the Thursday preview. But come Sunday morning, omnivores and vegans alike will all be crying for their Aunt May to come take ‘em home. Your finger tips will be riddled with paper cuts from digging thru $1 comic boxes, determined to find every issue of Jughead’s Double Digest. Your feet will hurt from walking more in 3 days than you have in your entire life. And you’ll smell like that guy dressed as Thor with a Mountain Dew in his hand who put his arm around you and said, “What say you of more grog, mortal?”

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Keywords: comic book

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