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By: W&j Bolger  05/12/2011

W&J Bolger is Ireland's market leader in restoration and performance upgrading of existing sliding sash windows. Drawing on over 100 years of experience and expertise we can completely renovate almost all period sash windows, on site, and improve their original quality. Our workmanship enables our clients to retain their unique, valuable, architectural feature in its original form, remaining true to the timeless style of the property.

Sash windows are an integral part of the character of your period home. However draughts, decay, high heating bills, traffic noise and windows refusing to open, can be quite a compromise. We can solve all of these problems to that you can enjoy a new world of comfort and convenience.

Our skilled team repair or replace any areas of rot, and with the introduction of a high performance draughtproofing system your windows will:
  • Be draught proof
  • Be energy efficient
  • Slide up and down easily
  • Add value to your property

We have been repairing and draught proofing existing sash windows since 1988.

We assure you that you will be totally satisfied with the end result.

Stages of a typical Sash Window Renovation Project
After your initial enquiry with our office we will follow up with a detailed inspection of your windows together with a written report and estimate. This service is free of charge in residential circumstances. Ordinarily with commercial projects there is a report fee which is waved upon the awarding of the project.

Work to your windows will be carried out by a team of experienced carpenters on site and will include:
  • Fitting a draughtproofing system
  • Replacing sash cords
  • Rebalancing weights
  • Replacing staff beads & parting beads
  • Repairing or replacing frames and sashes
  • Ensuring easy sliding action