VMware vFabric Cloud Application Deployment & Development Tools

By: Vmware  05/12/2011

Build, Scale and Run Data-Intensive Applications On-Premise or in the Cloud.

Develop virtual and cloud applications up to 50% faster using the Spring framework and deploy them to a runtime environment that is optimized for Spring, ideally suited for virtual infrastructures and appropriate for the needs of modern applications, with the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform. With support for web-oriented, data-intensive and dynamic applications, vFabric is the best platform to build, run and scale modern applications on-premise or in the public cloud.

  • Get application portability on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Simplify deployment and utilize system resources more efficiently.
  • Use proven runtime components, including tc Server based on Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, RabbitMQ and GemFire.


Optimized for Java Spring applications, the vFabric Cloud Application Platform provides a runtime platform for your Spring applications. Whether it is developer-focused capabilities such as integration with the Springsource Tool Suite (STS), unique application visibility with Spring Insight and Spring Insight Enterprise, or the Spring GemFire project that simplifies interaction with vFabric GemFire or Spring AMQP to allow Spring developers to incorporate vFabric messaging, you will find a host of capabilities that make vFabric the best place to run your Spring applications.

Leverage the Efficiencies of a Virtualized Infrastructure

Whether deployed on-premise or in the public domain, your applications are likely to be deployed on virtual infrastructure. With the vFabric Cloud Application Platform you can leverage the simplicity of the virtual machine to eliminate complexity in the application layer. You'll be able to take advantage of the lightweight footprint of vFabric tc Server that allows for greater consolidation ratios, rapid scale-out and built-in memory optimizations for vSphere and the integration with vCenter to allow for application performance visibility across the entire stack. vFabric is ideally suited for virtual infrastructure.

Meet the Development and Deployment Needs of Modern Applications

Watch this 4-min video for an overview of the vFabric Cloud Application Platform.

The nature of applications is changing and a fundamentally different approach to application infrastructure is required. With a data-oriented approach ideal for today’s web-oriented, data-intensive and dynamic applications users demand vFabric is appropriate for the needs of modern applications. The lightweight runtime elements in vFabric allow for rapid scalability without over-provisioning and let your applications handle dynamic and unpredictable spikes in traffic and incorporate social media and new data types.
And with through the integration with vSphere you can rapidly scale out infrastructure to eliminate many of the complexities of deploying and supporting today's modern applications.

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