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By: Vizor  05/12/2011
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A Comprehensive, Configurable Platform

Vizor Software has been engineered and crafted to be the most powerful and flexible software suite available for effective financial regulation.

The strength of the platform lies in its metadata-driven, engine-based architecture, allowing a huge array of system functionality to be designed and configured to your regulatory needs with Vizor Builder – the toolset used to generate, maintain and control the four core components of Vizor Software.

Vizor Builder

Vizor Builder makes it straight-forward for any individual with knowledge of the business objectives to build and configure the system, implementing new regulatory requirements and changes to existing configuration when required. Vizor Builder features include:

  • Data Modeler: allows complex data models to be specified for financial returns, all types of forms, firm profiles, and even analysis reports. The Data Modeler allows complex validation and verification controls to be placed on data models, ensuring high quality data collection.
  • The Rule Engine allows rules and scenarios to be created for submission validation, calculations, feasibility assessment, form/return population, and much more.
  • The Profiling Engine allows complex profiles to be constructed for regulated institutions. The profiles represent general data about the firm. Information such as details of directors and beneficial owners through to firm documents and licensed products and activities are maintained and can then be used to shape the data collection requirements for each regulated institution.
  • The Workflow Engine allows supervisory workflows to ensure that correct processes are followed throughout the organisation. Workflows also trigger prioritised alerts that are pre-populated with all necessary information, directly to the responsible supervisory staff.

Vizor Release Manager

Regulatory requirements change, but it is often necessary to allow two versions of the same element to co-exist. For example, where a regulatory return changes, the previous version is still valid when referring to older data.

Vizor Software allows multiple versions of system configuration to co-exist. Vizor Regulatory Intelligence automatically bridges differences from one configuration version to the next, so that reports analysing data on a time-series basis work across all versions of collected data, regardless of timeframes.

Vizor Release Manager is responsible for allowing changes that have been designed in the Vizor Builder to be versioned and deployed into the production environment.

Powerful, Flexible Technology

  • Browser-based: Vizor Software end user applications are all browser-based. This means that your personnel and users within regulated institutions will not require any custom client software or application components.
  • Multilingual: Vizor Software end user applications support full localisation, including support for right-to-left languages like Arabic. Systems can be provided in multiple languages to enhance user experience.
  • Secure: Vizor Software is extremely secure and has been proven time and again against malicious attack. We understand how important security is to financial regulators and our product is continuously tested and certified as secure by independent security consultants. Vizor software also maintains a comprehensive audit trail for all system activity.
  • Performant & Scalable: Vizor Software enjoys high levels of performance at all times and can be implemented to handle tens of thousands of regulated entities and users.
  • SOA-enabled: Vizor Software architecture is fully Service Oriented Architecture-enabled, supporting ease of integration with other systems.
  • Availability, Reliability and Resilience: Vizor Software supports many deployment configurations and can be hosted on technical infrastructures that support high levels of availability though the use of techniques such as clustering, automatic fail-over on load balanced servers, and remote disaster recovery.

Keywords: regulatory requirements

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Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - overview

From financial returns, statistical surveys and annual returns, through to applications for registration and licensing, Vizor Portal effectively automates the perpetual challenge of data collection. Crucially, Vizor Regulatory Intelligence aggregates and summarises information for stakeholder reporting and publishing, while Dashboards provide an instant overview of the entire market.


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - implementation

Over the years, we have developed and continuously honed our Implementation Approach and Methodology, always striving to provide consistent service and attentive involvement over the entire spectrum - from consultancy to implementation to training and support. The Vizor Implementation Team will take over responsibility for the full project including requirements, configuration, implementation, deployment and hand-over.


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - support

At Vizor, we are confident that our software, coupled with our implementation expertise and excellent range of training services, make it simple and easy for you to maintain and adapt your system to meet changing regulatory requirements. We offer a single point of contact during the lifecycle of each query, and we assume full responsibility for resolving your query within the terms of our service level agreement.