Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - overview

By: Vizor  05/12/2011

Built from the ground up specifically for financial regulation, Vizor Software is the perfect fusion of regulatory expertise and enterprise-class software engineering.

The result is a product that supports and enhances the core regulatory processes, incorporating best-practice regulation and supervision at every level.

As a complete regulatory system, Vizor Software provides a solid foundation, underpinning the supervisory function for all processes and data.

Vizor Software has four core components that collect, process, analyse, and store supervisory data. They are Vizor Portal, Vizor Supervision Centre, Vizor Regulatory Intelligence and Vizor Repository.

Vizor Portal

Vizor Portal enables regulated companies to submit all required regulatory data online.

From financial returns, statistical surveys and annual returns, through to applications for registration and licensing, Vizor Portal effectively automates the perpetual challenge of data collection.

Vizor Portal provides 17 distinct levels of submission validation and feasibility assessment, leading to unparalleled data quality.

Vizor Regulatory Intelligence

Vizor Regulatory Intelligence integrates the power of Business Intelligence with the nuances and complexities of financial regulation.

Vizor Regulatory Intelligence provides everything you require for effective regulation. Using an extremely powerful set of reporting and analysis tools Vizor Regulatory Intelligence produces detailed financial analysis showing:

  • Key financial ratios and indicators;
  • Feasibility assessment;
  • Scenario/threshold testing;
  • Time series analysis;
  • Trend analysis, and more.

Vizor Regulatory Intelligence supports both risk and solvency based regulation, providing early warning reports and a company-by-company risk profile, ensuring attention and resources are focused where they count.

Crucially, Vizor Regulatory Intelligence aggregates and summarises information for stakeholder reporting and publishing, while Dashboards provide an instant overview of the entire market.

Vizor Supervision Centre

Vizor Supervision Centre allows you to plan, delegate, track and analyse the entire supervisory process with ease.

Core supervisory processes such as Financial Return Submissions, Application Authorisations, Return Analysis and On-Site Inspections are handled and executed at the touch of a button, effectively automating previously arduous and thankless tasks.

Vizor Repository

Vizor Repository safely and securely stores all data related to regulated institutions.

Vizor Repository records all institutional profile information, data collected from regulated institutions and analytical data generated by the regulator. A complete system-wide audit trail is also maintained.

Vizor Repository is fully searchable giving you access to an unparalleled amount of regulatory and supervisory information, all in one place.

Other products and services from Vizor


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - technology

Vizor Builder makes it straight-forward for any individual with knowledge of the business objectives to build and configure the system, implementing new regulatory requirements and changes to existing configuration when required. The strength of the platform lies in its metadata-driven, engine-based architecture, allowing a huge array of system functionality to be designed and configured to your regulatory needs with Vizor Builder.


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - implementation

Over the years, we have developed and continuously honed our Implementation Approach and Methodology, always striving to provide consistent service and attentive involvement over the entire spectrum - from consultancy to implementation to training and support. The Vizor Implementation Team will take over responsibility for the full project including requirements, configuration, implementation, deployment and hand-over.


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - support

At Vizor, we are confident that our software, coupled with our implementation expertise and excellent range of training services, make it simple and easy for you to maintain and adapt your system to meet changing regulatory requirements. We offer a single point of contact during the lifecycle of each query, and we assume full responsibility for resolving your query within the terms of our service level agreement.