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By: Vizor  05/12/2011
Keywords: regulatory requirements

Vizor leaves nothing to chance when it comes to delivering our software to our clients. Over the years, we have developed and continuously honed our Implementation Approach and Methodology, always striving to provide consistent service and attentive involvement over the entire spectrum - from consultancy to implementation to training and support.

Our goal is to deliver a smooth technical implementation and to equip you and your team to gain maximum benefit from using our regulatory software suite. With deployments spanning four continents and working with all types of financial regulators, Vizor’s professional services team has gained years of practical experience that is unrivalled in the regulation space.

Vizor provides two routes to successful implementation, each designed to accommodate clients with varying availability of personnel skills and project budgets.

Build & Handover Approach

The first approach commits the Vizor Implementation Team to rolling out the solution in its entirety. The Vizor Implementation Team will take over responsibility for the full project including requirements, configuration, implementation, deployment and hand-over. As part of this approach, client personnel are trained in product configuration post go-live, enabling significant changes without incurring additional cost. This approach is usually selected by clients that have a pressing regulatory challenge that needs to be resolved in the shortest possible timeframe, but do not have significant internal resource to assign to the task.

Toolset Training Approach

The second approach provides an in-depth training programme in tandem with product deployment services. The training programme enables client personnel to fully configure and roll out the solution with the aid of Vizor expert advice and coaching. Most of the services delivered are training-based, along with some technical deployment services. This implementation approach is best suited to clients that can assign dedicated skilled personnel to the project and where project budget may be limited.


In both of the above approaches, your personnel will become Certified experts in Vizor Software, with the ability to implement new regulatory requirements over time without incurring additional cost.

Regulatory requirements change frequently – a fact that other vendors use as an opportunity to generate revenues. But we understand that these changes are part of the regulatory processes. That’s why Vizor Software enables your certified regulatory staff to implement new regulatory requirements with ease, resulting in a future proof regulatory system.

Care & Attention

Regardless of approach chosen, every Vizor project receives dedicated time, attention and care from our specialist services personnel. All clients have access to our Project Management and Product Consulting teams, as well as to our Business Consultants and Product Trainers, whose collective mission is to guide all clients through all phases of the implementation. This ensures successful delivery of the Vizor solution within agreed time frames.

Keywords: regulatory requirements

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Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - overview

From financial returns, statistical surveys and annual returns, through to applications for registration and licensing, Vizor Portal effectively automates the perpetual challenge of data collection. Crucially, Vizor Regulatory Intelligence aggregates and summarises information for stakeholder reporting and publishing, while Dashboards provide an instant overview of the entire market.


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - technology

Vizor Builder makes it straight-forward for any individual with knowledge of the business objectives to build and configure the system, implementing new regulatory requirements and changes to existing configuration when required. The strength of the platform lies in its metadata-driven, engine-based architecture, allowing a huge array of system functionality to be designed and configured to your regulatory needs with Vizor Builder.


Vizor :: Software for Effective Regulation - support

At Vizor, we are confident that our software, coupled with our implementation expertise and excellent range of training services, make it simple and easy for you to maintain and adapt your system to meet changing regulatory requirements. We offer a single point of contact during the lifecycle of each query, and we assume full responsibility for resolving your query within the terms of our service level agreement.