GPC/SEC columns

By: Viscotek  05/12/2011

Selection of the correct column is essential for successful GPC/SEC experiments as obtaining the best chromatographic separation requires a careful match of sample, solvent and column. In most cases, the solubility of the sample will clearly dictate when you need to use an aqueous or organic eluent.

Below are details on the four ranges of columns we offer.

Column details:

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Viscotek Gel Permeation / Size Exclusion Chromatography GPC/SEC Range

Gel Permeation Chromatography/Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC) is the technique of choice for rapid and reliable characterization of molecular weight and molecular structure for all types of macromolecules – proteins, natural polymers and synthetic polymers.


Viscotek TDAmax - Temperature controlled GPC/SEC systems

A low angle light scattering detector measuring absolute molecular weight without assumptions, corrections or extrapolation for robust and reliable results. Comprehensive molecular size information down to less than 1nm for full characterization of your protein.


Viscotek RImax modular GPC/SEC system

The RImax can be upgraded all the way up to tetra detection for absolute molecular weight, size, viscosity, Mark-Houwink, etc all within the same Viscotek system and software environment. The GPCmax includes an autosampler for repeatable and automated sample injection, eliminating operator-to- operator dependency and increasing throughput.


Zetasizer µV - designed for protein size and protein characterization

Use with cuvettes as batch DLS detector or convert in seconds for use as an SEC detector for absolute molecular size and absolute molecular weight. The Zetasizer µV gives you rapid, accurate and repeatable protein size and molecular weight data for both SEC-LS and cuvette mode. Simply add to a Viscotek or any third party SEC system to use as a superbly sensitive light scattering detector.


Viscotek HT GPC advanced GPC/SEC system for the characterization of polyolefins

Designed specifically for the characterization of polyolefins, but with the ability to handle other polymers, such as polythiophene PEEK and PVF, the Viscotek High Temperature GPC (HT-GPC) system brings advanced triple detector technology to these demanding applications.


Flow Injection Polymer Analysis with the Viscotek range

Because of the simplicity, speed, precision and accuracy of the analysis, FIPA is well suited to process development or at-line applications where control of processes requires a fast turnaround time for sequential measurements of the extent of reaction. Flow injection polymer analysis is a fast, automated technique for measuring molecular weight, molecular size and intrinsic viscosity of macromolecules.