Proof of Delivery (PoD) Scanning and Retrieval

By: Version One  05/12/2011
Keywords: management software, document management, cash flow

Version One's electronic document management software can be used to archive and retrieve all manner of business documents, and an area where this is of particular benefit to numerous organisations, is in the archiving of Proof of Delivery documents (PoDs).

For some organisations, claims for non-delivery may be made on a regular basis, which can be a huge administrative problem. However, these issues can now be quickly and efficiently resolved, because users of the Version One software now have instant documentary proof of the signed PoD.

In a typical business scenario, if a customer should make a claim for non-delivery or short-delivery of goods, the Version One document management system gives authorised staff very quick and easy access to the relevant signed PoD documents, linked to the original order.

Improved cash flow

Instant benefits from this facility include dramatic reductions in money lost through claims being made, together with a dramatically improved cash flow, since monies owing can now be collected far more speedily.

Some clients use Version One's Optical Character Recognition facility (OCR) to automatically index all dot-matrix printed Proof of Delivery documents, and these organisations typically calculate that this facility allows documents to be automatically archived at least three times faster.

Some particularly innovative users of the Version One system have passed the responsibility for scanning all Proofs of Delivery to their transport contractors - with the contractors' full co-operation. Those Contractors in question have been allowed secure access to the Version One client's own computer network, and this allows all signed PoDs to be scanned and sent electronically to the client company. Commercial stipulations have been put in place, and these are being monitored with software specially designed by Version One. This functionality dramatically increases the speed with which the Version One client can respond to any customer issues and, in a total win-win scenario, ensures that their transportation partners maintain longer-term contracts with the client.

Increased transaction efficiency and traceability

Users report that Version One's document management and document imaging software has substantially increased the efficiency and traceability of their customer transactions, providing easy methods for quickly resolving issues by retrieving information instantly at the press of a button. This gives the Version One software users tremendous financial benefits throughout the whole organisation.

In addition, both sales order processing and credit control departments report numerous benefits from the software. Now, Credit Control teams - in case of invoice query - can quickly prove or disprove a claim by retrieving the relevant PoD documents.

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