Verax Systems - APINI - enterprise project, information and resource management

By: Verax Systems  05/12/2011
Keywords: resource management


The resource management module allows easy management of all company resources such as conference rooms, wall projectors, computer hardware and others. The human resource management module provides functionality for tracking project allocations, vacation, sick-leaves, travel and other activities - essential for project-oriented enterprises.


  • Timesheet and task tracking.
  • Employee workload analysis.
  • Employee calendar tracking (project work, vacation, sick leaves, etc.).
  • Employment history tracking (e.g. what are the companies that my employees worked for before?).
  • Position, department, supervisor, responsibilities and authorities database.
  • Advanced employee search mechanism (e.g. an engineer with particular skills with no project assignment next month).
  • Rich staff statistics reports (e.g. skill breakdown, project breakdown, experience summary and others).
  • Easy to use, configurable calendar system with visualization of resource allocation (e.g. conference room reservations).

Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Opera 8, Chrome 5 and higher versions (tested on a regular basis). Compatibility with other, less popular browsers (e.g. Safari) is verified periodically.

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris or IBM AIX (tested on a regular basis). APINI can be installed in any operating environment supporting Java 1.6 or higher such as AS/400, FreeBSD, MacOS X and others.

MySQL 5, Oracle 9 (including the Express edition) and higher versions (tested on a regular basis). APINI can use any database supporting ANSI SQL and JDBC standards. Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and PostgreSQL is ensured periodically.

Keywords: resource management

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