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By: Veracity  05/12/2011
Keywords: ethernet, power over ethernet

Network extension with distributed PoE, only from Veracity.  Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, IP video and network installers can overcome the 100 metre (328 foot) limit of Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet connections.

Veracity's OUTREACH family of network extenders simply connect in-line with the installed cable to instantly extend network range to double - or even several times - this limit.

The OUTREACH QUAD range take this concept further by providing extra switch ports, enabling extension to four devices or more.

IP cameras, wireless access points and any other network devices can now be located just where they are needed, with no need to install new electrical cable.

OUTREACH QUAD is a 4+1 port 10/100 switch that is both powered by PoE and can forward PoE to other devices.

This allows multiple cameras to be connected from a single Cat 5 run, or means extra PoE ports can be quickly added to existing installations.. 

Add network ports and extend range easliy. OUTREACH QUAD LITE is a 4+1 port Ethernet switch which receives its electrical power using a data cable.

10/100 networks can be expanded with no need to locate the switch near an electrical power outlet.. 

Keywords: ethernet, power over ethernet

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The radical sequential storage approach of COLDSTORE produces amazing benefits including 90% power savings, increased disk reliability, reduced disk costs, simplicity, and even removable, playable disks. This is aimed particularly at storage of mega-pixel video and long-archive time applications. Our DISKPLAY disk player system allows direct playback of extracted COLDSTORE disks on a PC.


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HIGHWIRE transforms up to 1000 feet of regular RG-59 coaxial cable into a full-bandwidth LAN connection, eliminating the time, expense and risk of laying new Cat 5 network cable. Automatic configuration and universal power input makes installation simple, and Power over Ethernet power is available for instant connection to IP and Megapixel cameras.


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TIMENET is an essential component of any DVR or NVR installation, as it delivers an atomic reference clock to synchronise recornings to, in a unique compact and low-cost package. CAMSWITCH is a PoE switch designed for IP cameras with universal power input, and Veracity's OUTCLASS adapter corrects problems found in some PoE equipment.


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It can be used with high-power network equipment such as PTZ cameras and 802.11n access points, and delivers enhanced power for range extension with OUTREACH Max.. Network camera installation is made easy - and fast - thanks to Veracity's range of proven accessories for IP video installers. OUTBREAK splitters provide a rapid and low-cost way to add PoE power capability to 12V and 5V powered equipment.