By: V Rising  05/12/2011
Keywords: creative design, Design & Development, Learning Management

Vrising has a range of services to suit client’s needs and budgets. As virtual world industry experts, our consultancy advice has proven valuable to companies exploring and experimenting with this new innovative medium.

Immersive Learning Management & Integration
Vrising specialises in integrating Immersive Learning Experiences in the workplace, schools & colleges. We identify relevant platforms to suit client requirements and give a strategic development plan on implementing collaboration tools for enterprise and education.

Creative Design & Development
Vrising has a structured project management process in place for the design and development of virtual experiences. This can range from virtual marketing campaigns to application development. We develop content and applications for the emerging 3D Web.

Services include:

  • Content Design - Creation of 3D assets for integration in virtual environments.
  • Machinima - Creating viral marketing movies from virtual world characters.
  • Virtual Event Management – Staffing and running events in virtual worlds such as concerts and exhibitions.
  • Immersive Learning Management – Development & Training.
  • Application Development – Creation of new virtual world platforms products.

Keywords: creative design, Design & Development, Immersive Learning, Learning Management