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By: Universal Trace  05/12/2011


RFID technology has the ability to offer significant benefits to your organisation.  However, it is important to understand that there is no 'one size fits all' solution.  Each application must be configured for the organisation into which it is implemented.

Universal Trace are experts in helping you align your business processes to achieve your intended outcomes.  And our integrated RFID solutions provide a robust solution that gives you real-time visibility, high security and ease of use.  We will work with you at every stage of design; implement the system for you; train your staff in how to use it and provide reliable, ongoing support.


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Products / Solutions / Universal Trace

Whether your business requires a complex, highly secure solution with real-time visibility or a simpler auto-ID resolution, products from Universal Trace can provide the infrastructure for a customised approach to improved efficiency. These EPC standards ensure that the system maintains unique identities for all tagged items. Asset Trace, Health Trace and Blood Trace form the heart of our solutions portfolio.


Health Trace / Products / Solutions / Universal Trace

Simple to use even in the most complex environments, Health Trace provides safety, security and peace mind while enabling your organisation to improve patient care. With an ability to monitor blood temperatures during transport and storage, Health Trace sets a new standard for asset tracking within the health care industry.


Asset Trace / Products / Solutions / Universal Trace

Making use of passive RFID-based technology, Asset Trace is a superior asset tracking solution at a lower cost point than similar active tag systems. Asset Trace is a fully automated RFID-enabled asset management system developed and supplied by Universal Trace.


Blood Trace / Products / Solutions / Universal Trace

Blood Trace can operate as a standalone tracking and monitoring system or can be scaled up to be a fully integrated stock management and logistics system with business intelligence reporting. Blood Trace is a 'smart' management system which can monitor all movement and temperature in real-time from the moment of dispatch through to final usage in the hospital.


Business Process Review / Services / Solutions / Universal Trace

With extensive experience in all aspects of radio frequency technologies, including RFID, linear and 2-D bar coding, the team at Universal Trace are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Universal Trace understand business and operational processes as well as the complexities of RFID technologies. Gaining the optimum result from an RFID solution will require a change in the existing operational process.


System Design / Services / Solutions / Universal Trace

Universal Trace has an experienced team of professionals with skills in process assessment, business strategy and systems design and implementation. Our objective is to identify the requirements and develop the optimum RFID solution to deliver a return on investment for our clients. Drafting a high level system design allows us the opportunity to agree a Proof of Concept with you.