Unicorn Inter – Sound Masking / Acoustic Conditioning

By: Unicorn Inter  05/12/2011
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Sound Masking/Acoustic Conditioning

Due to the demand in today’s modern business for versatility, flexibility and cost reduction we have to maximise our employees performance while at the same time maximising our floor space. A result of which it is normal in that within today’s modern workplace we can require confidential team discussions, self appraisals and yearly reviews all within 1/2 meter’s of your workforce which in turn requires minimum noise distraction due the concentration required to complete their appointed tasks.

The versatility of the Unicorn Inters Sound Conditioning product enables us to cater for the audio acoustic range of frequencies that may be required for our client’s environment whether it is white noise, pink noise or just acoustic phasing.

Through our internal computer programming we can provide the audio solutions not only required in your immediate environment but it can also provide all your different masking needs simultaneously throughout your entire corporate environment.

With this approach we can reduce the typically number of speaker installation and the associated cost while providing the ability to offer acoustic phasing and met head on the areas of your company’s concerns.

The traditional approach is to install speakers with the ceiling cavity or even the ceiling itself and play white noise throughout the entire workplace floor covering all areas.
The sound itself is coming down directly over the entire floor area like a constant down pour of rain soaking everything with white noise - even areas that do not need it and therefore creating an sound intrusion in itself.

Through our unique approach Unicorn has developed the ability to provide our customers with the direct surround sound masking approach to the acoustic environment.

Instead of a constant down pour of white noise our customers will have masking only targeting the areas that need resolved and enhancing the acoustic environment by simultaneously digitally processing at the specific range of frequencies required.

We can conceal our masking system within the ceiling grid, partitions and even incorporate in your existing art work while still maintaining the aesthetics of the existing environment.

Basically we can provide you with the ability to mask each area in accordance with your business needs while providing you the versatility to change any area through your computer zoned facility.

Whirlpool, 3Com, Becton & Dickinson and EDS have all seen the results with our system.

  • Integrated Acoustic Spectrum Analyser

  • Precision Hz (Sound) Masking Accuracy

  • Directional Sound Control

  • Multi Spectrum Sound Masking Generator e.g. white/pink/brown/blue noise

  • Remote Control Preset Open Plan Decibel Levels

  • Wireless and Cable Surround Sound options as standard

  • Remote Access Login

  • Fully Self-Automated

Keywords: Ceiling

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