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By: Uas  05/12/2011


UAS offers a wide range of solutions to restore, protect and preserve your existing driveway, with a choice of solutions to turn plain concrete or tarmac into a new and exciting fresh look to suit each requirement.


Weed Stopper

- 25 litres

Deep penetrating, long lasting, broad spectrum weed killer.

This product kills all vegetation from the surface and joints.

Ready to use. Easy to apply. Lasts for up to 3 growing seasons.
25 litres treats 100 sq. metres.

Tarmac Renovator

- 25 litres

A tough, hard wearing Acrylic coating, that contains the highest quality pigments and a long lasting fungicide to give exceptional wear characteristics.
Also available in tile red and green.
25 litres treats 100 sq. metres.

Tarmac Cleaner

- 25 litres

Eliminates moss, lichen, efflorescence, dirt and grime. Ready to use and easy to apply.

Almost instantaneous results.
25 litres treats 100 sq. metres.