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By: Tyrell  05/12/2011
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Tyrell specialises in creative technology solutions which allow media education customers to support their students and prepare them for media industry careers.  Tyrell works with industry-leading suppliers to provide academic institutions with a complete range of proven and cost-effective solutions including shared media labs, storage systems, video and audio post production software, and production and recording equipment.

Media Labs and Video Editing Systems
We offer powerful media lab solutions from Apple and Avid, which include professional-grade video and film editing software and real-time shared media storage networks.  A shared media lab allows colleges to optimise their technology resources, provide students with collaborative work environments while at the same time reducing the administrative and maintenance burden.  Media is captured once and made available to hundreds of students who can work on a single piece of media from any edit suite, simultaneously and in real time.  Working in an editing environment modelled on today’s collaborative production facilities, lecturers can instantly review student work over the network and add notes directly to each student’s timeline.

Media Production Equipment
Working closely with industry leading vendors, Tyrell supplies a complete range of media production equipment including lighting kits, cameras, tripods, VTRs, monitors and accessories. With specialist equipment from global manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Vinten and Manfrotto, colleges can ensure that students gain experience with the latest industry-standard professional tools.

Audio Solutions
As a Digidesign Premier Reseller, Tyrell offers Digidesign’s complete range of powerful audio tools for recording and editing sound, enabling students to get professional results quickly and easily. Digidesign solutions are at the heart of audio post and film production facilities across the world, and deliver unmatched editing and mixing functionality, sound quality, integrated video options, and session management. Tyrell also supplies an extensive range of leading professional audio products including microphones, recording tools, analogue and digital processors, audio interfaces, synchronizers, and numerous plug-ins.

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Tyrell’s professional services team blend industry specific expertise with unparalleled product knowledge to help you achieve considerable workflow efficiencies, integrate new systems quickly and efficiently, and keep them robust and reliable.


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Newsroom and Editing Systems Working with global industry leaders including Avid and Anystream, Tyrell supplies innovative newsroom solutions which are used by journalists, producers, editors and presenters for researching, creating, managing and delivering television news programmes.


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Tyrell delivers innovative technology solutions from industry leading suppliers, allowing our Post Production customers to fully unleash their creative potential and produce impressive content easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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Our extensive product portfolio includes newsroom systems, editing software, media asset management solutions, storage and archiving products, media labs, web streaming systems and a full range of media production equipment. Our team is comprised of highly experienced staff who have worked at the highest level in the industry and have an in-depth knowledge of the most innovative and advanced creative technology systems.