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By: Turf Peat  05/12/2011

What is Irish Turf Incense ?

It has nothing whatever to do with bookmakers, football, or even horseracing, even though a lot of bogmen were experts in some of these fields. Irish Turf Incense is incense made from turf (peat); Turf is a peat fuel that is extracted from the bog and burned in a lot of Irish open fires. It has a distinctive nostalgic smell of a traditional open fire or hob as it is sometimes called.

How Do I Light it ?

Place the slate hearth on a heat resistant surface away from any flammable surfaces or material. Light one corner of a mini turf/peat sod. Place smouldering sod on slate hearth- lit side up. And enjoy the evocative smell of Irish turf/peat as the smoke rises. Do not leave unattended. Keep out of the reach of children.

How long does it burn for ?

The incense sod will burn for 15 minutes and longer depending on the draft in the room. For example if it burns near a doorway where there's a circulation of air it will burn quicker than if the door is closed. It is also worth noting that it will leave an aroma of an open Irish fire for many hours later. The slate hearth will heat up with the burning process. Be careful with use.
Note: Turf/peat ash will remain smouldering and hot for a considerable length of time in spite of appearances. Ensure to quench the sod thoroughly before discarding.

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