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Having a strong visual impact on the people around you is key for you or your businesses' success. Our goal is to help small businesses' and the community to create designs that reflect professionalism and creativity accross the board. We are committed to providing distinct and professional results. Everything we create is original, so your product will be yours and yours alone. We also work with a number of local printers providing a one-stop resource for you.

Design time refers to the average amount of time it takes to design a project. This time is only an average and is subject to change based upon the clients design needs. However most projects stay within the minimum time requirements.

A revision gives the client a chance to make one set of as many changes they want after viewing their first proof, so you have one opportunity to make changes. If more than two revisons are required, then each additional revision will be at the rate of 1/2 hour of design time/$20.00 each.

Business Design:
Our business design covers all aspects of your business needs. Once we create a logo, we can go on to create a variety of other designs that will fit the business world. Your image is everything, so let us make it great!

Brochures and Pamphlets:
Need to advertise a service, or show a home? Brochures and pamphlets are a great way to convey a message or information. Minimum of 2 hours design time for a tri-fold or a 2 page pamphlet.

Logo Design:

Logo design includes different style logos to choose from, modeled to best suit your business, with 2 revisions to the logo of  the client's choice. The option of having more than one designer gives you different perspectives on your companies logo creation. We create vector images so that your logo can be used from letterhead all the way up to billboards.

  • 5 logos, 1 designer: $350.00

  • 10 logos, 1 designer: $600.00

  • 6 logos, 2 designers: $400.00

  • 12 logos, 2 designers: $700.00

Advertising Design:
The options here give you the opportunity to promote yourself in a variety of different avenues. We've got you covered from newspapers to billboards.

Two Sided Flyers:
Miniumum of one hour design time. We also offer Flyer Packages. 5 flyers with two revisions each: $350.00 and 10 flyers with two revisions each: $600.00

Greeting Cards:
If you would like to add that personal touch to your own greeting cards, we offer quality work, that will provide joy in the hearts of others. Anywhere from a single get well card, to a whole set of thank you's, from you. Minimum design time 2 hours.

Cocktail Party, Graduation, your child's 5th, or Grandmas 70th birthday, we offer beautiful invitation design and printing for all of your invitation needs. Go ahead, invite the neighborhood! Minimum of 1 hour design time.

Photographic Restoration:
Do you have faded or scratched photos that you would like restored? Our skilled photoshop professionals, use top of the line equiptment to bring the light back into your memories. Minimum of 1 hour design time for up to 5 photos.

Photograph Touch-Ups:
Have a chance to sit with a designer and touch up your current photos, add shine, remove blemishes, or whiten your teeth, we can do it all. Pay is by the hour.

Corperate Identity Packages:
Identity packages are here for you to recieve all aspects of your businesses' image. Each package offers the essentials for a solid business image from just starting out, to full fledge businesses'.

Silver Business Package:
This package includes 2 business card designs, letterhead design, envelope design, 2 ads, and 2 flyers: $400.00

Gold Business Package:
This package includes 5 logo designs, 2 business cards, letterhead, envelopes, 2 ads, 2 flyer designs, and 2 brochure designs: $850.00

Platinum Executive Package:
The client is assigned a personal designer to work with them to help create a new look and feel for the company. The designer will be available for as long as the client needs the services. The cost to be determined after initial consultation.

Realtor Packages:
These packages are designed specifically for realtors, or real estate offices. It works similar to the business packages, but we also offer a variety of different mailing and advertisement programs. Some of our designers have had a lot of experience in real estate design and understands the needs and logistics of realtors.
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Keywords: flyers, logo