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By: Ttm  05/12/2011
Keywords: Engine Management

Thanks to the great range of modern diesel tuning systems, it is now possible to increase the performance of almost all modern diesel vehicles by up to 30%.

You may appreciate your diesel vehicle for its fuel economy, but you find it a little lacking in power! Or maybe you just want that bit of extra get up and go. This is where our range of tuning solutions come in.

All of the systems we provide are specifically designed to achieve enhanced diesel performance by modifying the fuel injection parameters and only by the careful interplay of these values and characteristics can the optimum performance of your engine be achieved. The turbo boost pressure is not altered (on turbo models) and is only increased pro-rata to other enhanced values. Our ongoing development programme ensures we keep up to date with the latest engine management and injection systems.The End Result
Immediately the increased power and torque can be
felt. The throttle response is improved and particularly
low and mid range torque is vastly improved making
the overall performance of the vehicle completely different. When carrying loads and/or towing the extra power
is a also great advantage. The overall drive becomes
more pleasurable and the engine in some instances actually runs smoother.In tests and trials ran by independent testers, results of 7-10% better fuel economy have been achieved. This obviously varies from vehicle to vehicle and application.

Keywords: Engine Management

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