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By: Trust5  05/12/2011
Keywords: Track Record, mobile games

The Trust5 Mobile Games and Content Delivery Platform (CDP) is a leading edge carrier-grade solution that supports the next generation of mobile games services. Delivered on a hosted and managed basis, the Trust5 platform builds on the extensive experience that Trust5 has of the mobile games market.

With a track record of implementing successful and reliable mobile games services since 2003, Trust5’s client list includes O2, Vodafone, Wind, Tesco Mobile, Orange, EA Mobile, Glu, and PopCap.

In addition to supporting industry standard content management requirements, the Trust5 Platform offers the following key functionality:

  • Multiple Billing Models: Including Subscription, Rental & Outright Purchase, the solution also supports “Try before you buy” functionality.
  • CRM & Personalisation: Including recommendations and dynamic banner display based on an individual user’s purchase history.
  • Integrated Web Support: Showcasing the catalogue of game titles available on a device-by-device basis, the supporting web site can incorporate ad-funded online games.
  • My Account: Enabling a user to track previous purchases, download status and view recommendations. This feature also supports a loyalty club.
  • Handset Embeds: Targeted at casual gamers who are less likely to visit either the WAP or Web storefronts, embedded games are an ideal opportunity to promote trial versions of games. Integrated billing options facilitate outright purchase or rental without any additional download.
  • TouchScreen Support: Trust5 have developed a highly flexible mobile CMS that provides for the display of optimised site designs based on device. A key enhancement of this support provides for full TouchScreen capabilities.
  • Multiple File Support: The Trust5 platform supports Java, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and Android game files.

Combining these features with a standard operator download service delivers an enhanced mobile games service that is targeted at increasing revenues through the acquisition of new users and the increase of the average expenditure per user.

The Trust5 Content Delivery Platform is provided on a fully hosted and managed basis and both the WAP and Web storefronts can be customized to meet the needs of individual operators and brand owners. The service is supported by the Trust5 Content Delivery Platform to deliver a fully integrated end-to-end mobile games solution.

Trust5 have developed a proprietary Mobile CMS that supports a wide range of Feature phone and Smartphone functionality.

Supported functionality includes:

  • Device Profiled display of content titles
  • TouchScreen Support
  • Automated rotation of Featured Titles
  • Dynamic Top Seller list
  • Dynamic device profiled banner display
  • Integrated Trust5 or Third-party search
  • Browse by Category, A-Z or publisher
  • Automated back-fill of published titles for new device compatibility
  • Personalisation including recommendations based on previous purchases
  • Selection of displayed content based on previous purchases
  • MyAccount enabling users to track purchases and download status
  • Free download of Trial version of games
  • Recommend a friend
  • Content Gifting
  • Content Bundling
  • Multiple billing options
  • Voucher code redemption and download
  • iPhone redirect to App Store
  • Auto-Publishing of content to channels

The functionality outlined above is standard and can be deployed within a short period of time for a new client. The key dependencies in terms of implementation are the availability of a WAP billing API and the passing of some form of user identification (MSISDN/UID) to the Trust5 servers that host the WAP storefront. Based on previous experience, a new operator WAP storefront can be implemented within a 4-6 week timeframe.

Keywords: mobile games, Track Record