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By: Trimo  05/12/2011
Keywords: environmentally friendly, solar energy, solar power

Trimo EcoSolar PV photovoltaic roof panel represents an innovative and effective environmentally friendly solution. This is a light roof with a thin, flexible, photovoltaic module that can be assembled into a whole system of solar power plant through integration. Excellent technical characteristics, a number of exceptional advantages and our support in managing the solar energy produced, are an excellent investment into the future.

Solar energy can also be used to warm air. At Trimo we developed the Trimo EcoSolar AIR air-receiver of solar energy – an element that converts solar energy into thermal energy.

Dirt that gathers on a building over time, due to weather or other influences, damages its aesthetic image. Also, regular cleaning and maintenance represent a cost and time burden. Because Trimo understands the meaning of cost control we have developed an innovative and original solution for façades. Trimo EcoClean Panel represents a functional and sustainable solution for contractors, investors, and end-users.

Besides reducing CO2 emissions and using ground resources, saving energy also reduces operational expenses and thereby positively affects the economic part of the business and profit. Trimo EcoEnergy panels will provide a façade that will create exceptional energy savings. It is a cost efficient, innovative, and sustainable solution.

Keywords: environmentally friendly, Photovoltaic Module, Photovoltaic Roof, power plant, Roof Panel, solar energy, solar power,

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