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By: Trimo  05/12/2011
Keywords: Sustainable Development

The first impression a person forms about a company is often related to the exterior of a building and the tidiness of the business operations and production area. For these reasons Trimo pays special attention to appearance in the construction of business buildings, which is a combination of a well-thought architectural idea matched with state-of-the-art technologies.

Every commercial centre has its own character and we only return to those places in which we feel good. Our experiences are not defined merely through the meticulous arrangement of goods and services – our impressions accumulate. Hence, if the key values of an enterprise are already being communicated through the attractive appearance of their commercial building, and if the building blends seamlessly with the environment, it prepares the consumer for a pleasant shopping experience. Trimo knows how to design buildings with character.

Logistics is an advanced and technological sector developing quickly. Trimo’s response to this development is the provision of a state-of-the-art logistic solution that takes advantage of modern logistic processes in an innovative manner, exceed the limitations of a given space and optimize and upgrade it with the most efficient input and output process. We tailor solutions to your needs. Due to the well-thought-out design and construction phases of the process, a decision for a classic, highly automatic or more complex combination warehouse, represents a quick and cost-efficient investment with a fast rate of return.

Design and construction of specific function buildings, such as sport buildings for example, can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. But at Trimo we know it doesn’t have to be that way.

Knowledge and culture are universal human 'goods, and in essence reflect all those values we appreciate most in Trimo: innovation, complete solutions, sustainable development and acting globally. The design and construction of educational and cultural buildings is, in Trimo, infused with a particular sense of meaning, permanence, beauty and well-being.

Because we in Trimo are committed to providing complete solutions and are also very much aware of our responsibility in ensuring sustainable growth – not only our own, but also for posterity and the environment in which we live – we tackle every building with great care and high regard for the need of customers, which are seamlessly inter-twined with the rules and boundaries set forth by the environment.

If a beautiful office building evokes respectability, a tidy and well thought-out production facility enhances a company’s credibility. Professionally managed production processes can run optimally only in a building that has captured the nature of the production through the design and construction process and offers solutions that meet its needs. In Trimo we simply know how to do it.

Experts say that we learn most through play. This is not only true for children! At Trimo we like to play, which allows us to discover new approaches, obtain new experiences, but more importantly exercise our creativity in an original way.

Keywords: Sustainable Development

Other products and services from Trimo


EcoSolutions »

Excellent technical characteristics, a number of exceptional advantages and our support in managing the solar energy produced, are an excellent investment into the future. At Trimo we developed the Trimo EcoSolar AIR air-receiver of solar energy – an element that converts solar energy into thermal energy. Because Trimo understands the meaning of cost control we have developed an innovative and original solution for façades.


Façades and walls »

A wide range of Trimoval products is suitable for the construction of roofs with an inclination for industrial facilities, warehouses and canopies, where no need for thermal insulation exists. Trimoterm façade panels present unique solutions for the majority of modern architectural ideas when designing business, commercial, sport or industrial buildings.


Roofs »

Due to the excellent technical characteristics and a complete range of technical solutions and elements, Trimoterm roofing systems enable active and creative adaptations to all demands on buildings. Trimoterm fire-proof roofs are an excellent solution for performance of roofs with inclines, for business buildings, commercial centres, cultural institutions and industrial facilities.


Steel constructions »

Basic construction is composed of load-bearing frames and stabilisation elements that assure stability of a facility and transfers loads to reinforced concrete foundations. It is protected with a basic coating; and the final coating is painted in the production process or during assembly.


Modular units »

Since then we have been successfully exceeding the outlived perceptions of modular units and expanding the limits of spatial use; we are constantly developing and know what our customers want. We design, build and assemble units that are used for shops, schools, kindergartens, apartments, military camps, bedrooms, mobile stations, clubs and numerous other purposes.


Noise attenuation systems »

A complete well designed concept, the possibility of adjusting performance assemblies, choice of anti-corrosive materials and excellent acoustic characteristics, are elements that we combine in the Trimofon sound-absorbing fence. Trimoterm acoustic panels serve as exceptional protection against noise hazard generation and contribute to the well-being of everyone in the environment.