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By: Trevor Sargent  05/12/2011

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 February, 2011

Busy weekend, so busy I got no blog done on Saturday. Beautiful weather to canvass Saturday however, up and down the hill at Seapark, Biscayne and Robswall and later The Strand, Hanlon’s Lane etc around Malahide. Spectacular views of Lambay. Must try and get out there to canvass sometime! Was delighted to have Greens from South Down, Dublin North West and Dublin North East join the canvas and afterwards head back to Oscar Taylor’s on the Coast Road for a light lunch. Then back to office in Swords to write back to the enquirers on the doorsteps.

Once 6pm came, out again to meet rural constituents in Oldtown and in Garristown. Expected a frosty reception after the legislation to take the terror and the risk of a serious road accident out of stag hunting. Glad to say however, many people were very warm-hearted and supportive. There were exceptions however!

We were back to Oldtown, Garristown and Ballymadun on Sunday morning too. Met many people I have known for decades through farming, drama, sport, natural history or Irish language  and music circles. Thanks to Fiona and Stiofán for the welcome cuppa in the middle of all the running around.

The atrocious condition of many roads after the severe winter weather has caused potholes to join together. Not surprisingly, I hit one such stretch and suffered a puncture. We’ll have to find the money to fix these roads from somewhere, they are lethal.

Former Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan and former Minister for Food, Trevor Sargent at the launch of the Green Party's "oil Free by 2030" campaign

Sunday afternoon was spent in Dublin advocating how Ireland can ‘live well without the oil-well’ by 2030 AD. Sweden began this strategy in 2006 and has 2020 as the year for Sweden to be oil free. Sweden set up a Commission chaired by the Prime Minister and involving the likes of Volvo to plan and set targets to stop using fossil oils. As for Sweden, the benefits are important.

An oil-free future means : 1. Reduce climate change impact, 2. Secure energy supply, 3. Lead other nations in developing sustainable technology, 4. Strengthen international competitiveness, 5. Develop forests, field, wind and water to make the equivalent of ‘Irish oil wells’ for home use as well as for export.

Makes one wonder why no other party has the pragmatic vision to make the oil-free objective a central part of the nation’s recovery and future prosperity. Wake up folks, this society is sleep-walking to the edge of energy supply as we have known it. We must stop wasting, grow our indigenous energy sources and set our children on a Greener road to prosperity. Already the Green Party has doubled the amount of wind power in the grid to 15%, but our work is a bit like Noah building the ark. Time is running out. Vote Green and do your positive bit to float the economy and save the precious things in life from being lost.