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By: Translease  05/12/2011
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Over the years, Translease International successfully introduced premium Voice and SMS products and services on a variety of markets across the globe. Today Translease International carries a large number of services, targeting different end-user groups.

Some of our products: Chat & Party Lines, Live One-to-One chat, Astrology & New Age, Live Councelling and Coaching lines, Dating/introduction and Meeting platforms, Fantasy Lines, Eavesdrop, Videocall

These services are marketed and optimized using performance based direct marketing strategies – and equipped with the optimized payment solution, that vary from Premium Rate phone billing to Credit Card and direct debit billing (on/offline billing methods).

Based on our international network, these services are both marketed and executed by our own local presences or through our strategic partners.

The latest addition to our telephony services is the new hybrid platform that is able to process voice and video calls over any isdn 64 line. Intelligent switching automatically recognizes voice/video calls and delivers the content that matches the user’s need and possibilities.

The combination of video call techniques and premium rate billing systems offers the end-user a simple, effective but most of all user friendly way of delivering and charging for content.

As the world of 3G/Umts/Edge and other broadband technology is quickly being adopted in the market and critical mass has (almost) been established, a number of new services will be introduced over the next coming period.

Video calling offers a good combination of delivering streaming video/audio content combined with a hassle-free payment environment.

Product examples: Moderated one to one SMS based chat services, MMS applications, Video downloads

SMS products have become from a simple communication means a channel to entertain, deliver or pay for content via a gsm-handset. In a lot of countries, Translease International has direct access (direct connectivity) with the majority telecommunication providers and networks in a vast number of countries, ensuring high payout rates.

Given the fast pace of development within the mobile landscape, numerous products have been launched and cancelled over the year as life-spam of products is getting shorter and shorter.

Therefore, it is eminent to have an organization that is structured to anticipate on new developments by timely introducing new and innovative products.

New products and mobile services that will be introduced include mobile antivirus (launched Q4, 2009), mobile security suites and other mobile applications dedicated to the security of the fast growing needs of the mobile internet users.

Translease’s latest addition to the mobile product and services group has been the introduction of AdultXpand – a innovative platform that enables content suppliers, webmasters or site-owners to almost instantly convert their mobile traffic into cash, share/sell their content.

Only introduced end of Q3/2010, this product is already proving itself to be one of the trendsetting mobile traffic converters on the market!

Having recognized the possibilities and opportunities of the internet in an early stage, Translease International expanded into internet based applications besides the core telephone activities. For example, webcam chat services were introduced as early as in 1997.

In more recent days, Translease International appreciated the value of user-generated content / web 2.0, as a powerful and potential revenue source. Substantial investments have been made building up platforms that would enable community-building, further insight in community attitude and user-profiles. Maximum flexibility of these platforms makes multiple and diverse applications possible, hence increasing the efficiency.

Years of investment and development resulted in state of the art dating/social communities in various languages as well as entertainment sites, where the best achievable user experience has been put at the centre stage when developing the concepts.

Furthermore Translease, through its cooperation in Australia, is now actively involved in developing a platform for electronic goods and will soon expand this business into Europe.

With an exclusive business presence in Shanghai goods can be purchased at the source and brought directly to the consumer, cutting importers, distributors, (web) shop owners, resulting in better prices, better quality and an unique after sale guarantee program.

A maximal creation of value and a complete utilization of the generated online and offline traffic can promise combined products that link the classical voice and SMS business with the online world. Translease offers its clients of voice and SMS enlarged access and possibilities in usage in its platforms.

Keywords: billing systems, platforms