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By: Total Project Solutions  05/12/2011
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With the exception of your family, at Total Projects Solutions we believe that your home is your most important possession and we want our clients to maximise the potential of their home, whether you are looking at a new build on your own site, an extension to your existing home or the renovation of an existing property that is or will become your home.

We believe that the design of your home is fundamental to your enjoyment of your property and it influences the moods of those who live within. How many of us have visited a fabulous building which automatically gives us that feel good factor? This is not by coincidence but due to the creativity of those who have designed and constructed these buildings.. did they set out to create that feel good factor absolutely!

It is disappointing that too many people live in houses which give little or no design consideration to

  • Access Control Systems
  • Achieving best BER ( Building Energy Rating)
  • Air tightness & thermo graphic surveys
  • Building Elements from A to Z
  • Building Management Systems
  • Building Contractor with track record for excellence
  • Clients loves & hates ; likes and dislikes
  • Colour
  • Delivery of creative space
  • Delivery of Natural Light
  • Entertainment
  • External play areas
  • Family activities now and into the future
  • Fire Protection & fire safety
  • Form and function of rooms
  • Functionality of kitchen layout
  • Forms of construction
  • Furniture existing and future
  • Family pets & accommodation
  • Hard & soft landscape
  • Hobbies / interests
  • House orientation
  • Interior design
  • IT & audio visual
  • Lifestyle
  • Lighting internal & external
  • Maintenance costs
  • Noise
  • Outbuildings
  • Privacy
  • Room adjacencies
  • Running costs
  • Security
  • Site & views - maximisation
  • Storage needs
  • Sustainability – heating & lighting
  • Use of natural materials
  • User needs current and into the future
  • User profile
  • Value for money and getting deals available
  • Outdoor entertainment

At Total Project Solutions we are dedicated to maximising the potential of your home and will be with you every step of the way on this exciting and stress free journey to your Grand Solution Home. However we do respect that it is your home and that you are the decision maker. We will never impose or try and take over your project but we will make sure that as the client you are fully aware of the choices available, so that you can make informed decisions and we will guarantee that you get value for money.

Brief Development

Once appointed Total Project Solutions will work very closely with you the client to develop and stress test your brief ensuring that your requirements are clearly represented in you’re signed off brief.

As your project is so important to us we have developed a unique interactive software package which will allow you and your family navigate through the full range of choices that are available to you and your project from the comfort on your home PC. This tool will be used to develop your brief & tender documentation and maximise the potential of your home. It will ensure that many of the choices that you have to make on your project are fully informed and that you’re brief/ tender documentation is thorough and fully detailed. It will significantly reduce the stresses involved and in conjunction to the hand holding approach employed at Total Project Solutions will guarantee the delivery of a successful project.

Planning Application

We believe that having developed your brief you need to appoint a creative and talented Architect to deliver your unique Grand Solution which has been customised to your needs.

We will recommend a number of Architectural Practices who we have worked with and who would be most suited to deliver on your brief. We will get quotations from these firms to design your project and to bring the project through to planning stage and to secure planning.

On appointment of the Architect we will manage the process through to planning ensuring the proposal meets your requirements and is within predefined project budgets. We will also stress test the design to ensure we maximise the potential of your future home and fully adhere to your brief requirements which is fundamental to the success of your project.

Detailed Design

On receipt of planning permission we will act as Project Managers & Consulting Engineers and prepare fully detailed co ordinate construction drawings and specifications in conjunction with any necessary specialist consultants required by the client.

This package will include the following services

  • Project Management from conception to completion and beyond
  • Preparation of fully detailed construction drawings, specifications and tender documentation (To include mechanical, electrical and lighting etc..)
  • Preparation of any construction drawings required to construct the property
  • Civil Engineering Consultant
  • Site Surveys to include inspection of ground conditions
  • Mechanical Engineering Consultant ( To include full design of heating system & full review of options available including life cycle costs for - solar , geothermal, heat exchangers, biomass, heat recovery systems under floor heating, glass specification, u values etc..)
  • Air Tightness Testing
  • Thermo graphic Surveys
  • Building Energy Ratings ( Maximisation of BER)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Lighting Design
  • Audio Visual Design
  • Landscaping Design
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Value Engineering
  • Safety Consultant (We will act as Project Supervisor for Design Phase on behalf of client, and appoint a Project Supervisor for Construction Phase– this is a legal requirement)


We will produce a fully detailed set of tender documents to include fully co ordinated construction drawings, specifications and a detailed bill of quantities to ensure that your tender price is all inclusive after all we appreciate that our clients demand cost certainty on their project.

We will then tender your project to three to five suitable pre approved building contractors and meet all contractors to review tender documentation. We will insist on a full and detailed breakdown of tender and a predefined project programme to meet client’s requirements.

We will also tender any specialist contractors required (these can be agreed with client if required)

Tender Review

On receipt of tenders we will carry out a full and detailed review of all tenders, close out on any clarifications required and report to the client with our recommendations. We will organise for the client to visit projects of a similar nature carried out by the selected contractor and a meeting with clients on these projects.

Construction Phase

  • On appointment of the contractor we will meet with the client and contractor to review the project in detail and we will ensure that all insurances, contract and statutory requirements are in place prior to commencement on site.
  • We will carry out weekly inspections of the project and implement our company quality control procedure. We will write to the contractor as required to ensure that all defects are addressed and re inspected.
  • We will inspect and sign off on all relevant works prior to closing up
  • We will ensure that the client is kept fully informed in the course of construction and that all decisions are made in a timely fashion
  • We will assist the client in relation to all relevant installations kitchens, bathrooms, fitted furniture, flooring, decoration etc... and use our best endeavours to ensure that they receive builder’s discount (10 to 20%) prior to purchase of these elements.
  • We will meet on site with the client as required ensuring that they are kept fully involved and informed.
  • We will review all samples in conjunction with the client and get sign off prior to approval
  • We will prepare a monthly cost report and keep the client fully informed of the cost implications of any changes that they require prior to making decisions to proceed.
  • We will certify contractor accounts prior to payment.
  • We will co ordinate with the client, contractor and specialist advisors e.g. Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and other specialist consultants on the Project.
  • On completion of the project we will carry out a full and detailed inspection of the property and prepare a snag list. We will ensure that this is closed out speedily prior to occupation.
  • We will ensure that all systems are fully commissioned prior to handover
  • We will ensure that the client is fully trained up on all relevant installations and prepare electronic handover documentation for the client to include all documentation, training manuals, service contractor numbers etc..
  • We will make ourselves available to review and close out an any defects that occur in the 12 months post completion

Stress Management

At total Project Solutions we believe that we will take the stress out of your project. Our micromanagement, forward planning and proactive approach will ensure that your Grande Design Project will be delivered on time on budget to the desired quality and will exceed your expectations after all we want your successful project to be our next reference

Value for Money

We guarantee client satisfaction and value for money. Total Project Solutions will ensure that we get you the client an exceptional Grand Solution within your predefined budget. We will deliver savings on your project which will more than pay for our fee. We have an excellent reputation for the delivery of top class projects for a variety of clients and we always leave satisfied clients behind us.

Keywords: Planning Permission, tender documentation

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