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By: Tony Vines Painting Contractors  05/12/2011
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Paint and Decorative finishes Paper Hanging:
All types of paper hanging and borders Tony Vines and Company have a huge selection of samples available. Colour washing:
This is most suitable for large surfaces such as walls and ceilings and is achieved by painting a diluted emulsion or tinted glaze over a base colour and then partially removing it. Colour washing is an extremely popular effect and is relatively inexpensive to achieve. There are many types of colour washing, for more information and samples please email us at Dragging:
This is an unusual and creative finish especially suitable for kitchens and woodwork. It gives the appearance of lines dragged through the surface colour so the colour underneath shows. For more information and samples email us at
This technique involves combing patterns into wet paint allowing base coat to show through. The size and scale of the pattern depends on the size of the comb used.Ragging and Rag Rolling:
Creates subtle patterns and adds warmth and texture. Looks far more interesting than plain walls without imposing on the décor of a room as wallpapers often can. Both techniques are great for hiding "bad" or blemished walls.Distressing:
Distressing has been a very popular paint finish in recent years. It gives furniture, especially kitchens the "lived with" look and adds charm and character to MDF or Whitewood.Crackle Glaze:
The Varnish on old painted surfaces owes its mellowness not only to the warm depth of colour varnish , but also to the fine network of crazing that develops as it ages. This will add great charm and character to doors and panels it will also accentuate stencilling.Marbling:
This is used generally where it may not be plausible or cost effective to use real marble. Marbling gives rich contrasting colour and is ideal for use on dull timber such as plywood or blockboard. It is also a cost effective way to disguise ugly pillars and give walls and furniture great character and charm.Spattering:
Basically showering a surface with flecks of coloured paint. It is a simple way to distress and add character to a dull surface. Graphiting:
Giving walls woodwork and furniture that metallic lustre (graphite does not contain lead)Malachite:
This bold finish gives an impressive look to walls and woodwork. It involves decisive interlocking curves giving the 'fan effect'.
Tortoise shelling: This is a strong effect for larger surfaces it gives directional flow and slightly staggered markings.Glazing:
Is a semi-transparent film of oil which gives a surface a shiny or matt finish which can be tinted it also makes a surface washable.Stippling:
This is a textured finish suitable for ceilings and walls. It gives the appearance of thousands of little spikes. Stippling was extremely popular thought the 70's & 80's and can still be found in many homes and business's across the country. For more information or samples email us atWood Staining:
This will transform a piece of wood, add colour and character while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. This can also be used on floors and can make cheaper softwoods mimic more costly woods. For more information email us atStencilling:
An art form in itself stencilling is infinitely versatile and it can be used to create patterns or large bold effects. For more information or samples email us at Sponging:
Create dramatic effects or more subtle effects depending on the colour and sponge. For more information or samples email us at Coving and Cornices:
Coving and cornicing provide a decorative break between ceilings and walls and can also be used to conceal pipework and wiring. Tony Vines and Company provides an impressive catalogue of elaborate cornices. Tony Vines and Company will also repair damaged Cornicing.Intumescent Coatings:
For professional Fire Proofing Tony Vines and Company provides our customers with a fast, efficient and fully guaranteed service. Intumescent protective coatings are available in different ratings and Tony Vines and Company will meet all specifications at a competitive price. For more information contact us at


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