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By: Tom Briody & Son  05/12/2011
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At Tom Briody & Son we employ state-of-the-art technology and equipment to supply fresh clean water with a level of expertise and customer service that you, the customer, deserve and expect.

We offer a full range of safe, professional well drilling services to: the Consulting Engineers, Hydrogeologists, Local Authorities, Developers, Industry, Agricultural and Residential Markets. We also serve more specific sectors, such as; Hotel, Leisure, Quarries and Geothermal. 

Well Drilling:

  • Residential Wells
  • Geothermal Wells
  • Trial Wells    
  • Dewatering Wells
  • Production Wells
  • Foundation Piling
  • Monitoring Wells   
  • Well Rehabilitation 

Well Records and Reports:

Detailed information recorded by our specialist drilling team are promptly passed on to our customers to provide relevant information about the borehole, the geological and ground conditions, the drilling process and the depths at which water was found.
We understand the importance of detailed technical information and how precious this information is, particularly with increasing water shortages and water quality problems.

Pumps and Pump Services:

  • Pump Installations
  • Pump Maintenance


Well Sealing and Capping:

You need a professionally sealed and capped well for safety and pollution-prevention purposes. We ensure our wells are correctly sealed for your peace of mind.

Well Decommissioning:

If you have a dormant or malfunctioning well, you will want to ensure it is made safe and that polluting water does not enter the ground water supply through it. We decommission wells in a way that avoids pollution of your water supply and guarantees the safety of your well.

Well/Pump Testing:

Want to know how much water is available in your well? We will test the supply to quantify the volume and quality of water available. Pump tests can be run for varying lengths of time from 24 hours to 3 weeks, depending on need.

Water Analysis:

We can run chemical and microbiological tests, conforming with SI278 of 2007 Check and Audit Monitoring Parameters

Well Rehabilitation:

Well Rehabilitation restores a well to its most efficient condition by various treatments or reconstruction methods. Tom Briody & Son can rehabilitate a well which has deteriorated beyond the point where maintenance cannot resolve the decrease in water yield.

Yield Testing:

How much water is your well producing? We will test the supply to quantify the volume of water over a set period of time, which will establish an accurate yield.

Results from the Yield Test will determine:

  1. Yield from your Well, m³ per Day (1m³ = 1000 litres of water)
  2. Draw down of water levels during testing
  3. Monitor recovery of water level after the test
  4. Samples can be collected prior to switching the pump off. These samples can then be analysed (see Water Analysis)

Existing Wells:

Already have a well? We clean, repair and deepen existing wells to improve water quality and quantity.

For a professional, safe, reliable service, contact us now on +353 46 9243614

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