-Selecting Lots for an Auction

By: Toflidium Software  05/12/2011
Keywords: Lot Numbers

Once you have input your clients and your stock, it is necessary to select which lots will be part of this auction.  One side of this screen shows the available stock, and the other the lots you have so far assigned to this auction.

You can find stock belonging to particular clients, containing particular keywords, or even just add all the available stock to the auction at once.  They are not however assigned lot numbers at this point.

For general auction information including date of auction, directions to auction and lots on auction a seperate screen is provided.

This screen allows you to provide details of the auction that can be added to a client mailshot, included in your web or print catalogue and will show you details of what lot numbers have been assigned, sold, unsold and who bought them.

Keywords: Lot Numbers

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05/12/2011 -Auction House Software - Auction Manager

Main Features - Client Management- Stock Management- Auction Lot Management- Commission Bidding- Telephone Bidding- Vendor Accounts- Bidder Accounts- Contra Accounts- Full Financial Management- Extensive Reporting- Post Auction Reconciliation. Auction House Software is proud to announce the availability soon of 'Auction Manager' a software product designed specifically to aid the small to medium Auctioneer.

05/12/2011 -Client Management

You can also record details about a particular customers interests for use in mailshots and marketing promotions. Client management in AuctionHouse Manager couldn't be simpler. You have full control over all the details of your clients. Whether client is a Customer , Vendor or Both. All the usual information is available.

05/12/2011 -Telephone and Commission Bids

You simply need to provide the bidder number of the client who would like to perform a telephone bid, and the lot no of the item they wish to bid on. Commission bids are entered in the same manner as telephone bids, but you also specify an amount that the customer is willing to bid up to. Auction house manager also provides you with a facility to keep track of any Telephone or Commission bids your auction may recieve.

05/12/2011 -reports

Auctioneers Rostrum Report - The Auction sheets, from which the auctioneer can conduct the auction and the clerk can record the bidder number and hammer price. Vendor Notification - A standard letter informing vendors of which lots will be placed for sale in the forthcoming auction. The reports screen provides a place to view and print all the reports available in Auction House manager.

05/12/2011 -Accounting

Once your auction is over, or even while its still running, you need to be able to keep track of who has bought what and ensure it is paid for. As well as keeping track of the amount bought or sold, and the commission on these, it is also possible to add charges to client accounts. A line is provided for how much each client has bought and sold (Contra accounts are available for clients who do both).