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By: Tml Mobility Solutions  05/12/2011
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The Brig-Ayd Wheelchair Hoist

This wheelchair hoist is the most popular hoist in our range and has been supplied with only small changes in it’s design and construction since 1998. This well proven product has therefore provided a satisfactory and highly reliable wheelchair stowage system for thousands of disabled users for over a decade.

This boot hoist can be used to lift motorised wheelchairs and scooters up to 150 kilograms or 330 pounds in weight into the back of estates and MPV type vehicles.

It is supplied with either a 100 or 150 kilogram lifting capacity and should you choose to move to a heavier wheelchair or scooter the 100 kilogram hoist can be up rated just by changing the rating of the lifting motor supplied.

For those without enough strength and dexterity to manoeuvre heavy wheelchairs or scooters in and out of the vehicle’s luggage area manually there is the optional powered in and out mechanism available to aid full control. Whilst our specially designed keyhole plates enable the wheelchair or scooter attached to the hoist single handily.

Mounting Frame

All mounting frames are installed neatly to the side of the vehicle and are designed to make sure there is no loss of seating when the hoist is not in use. When extra space is required the main assembly can be easily be removed and refitted to the back of the vehicle.

This wheelchair lift is powered directly from the vehicle's battery, which is protected from overload by a fuse and a current limiting device within the main control box. The hoist is operated by a handset with an extendable lead wired to either side of the car or as an optional extra on hoists with the power in and out mechanism fitted, a radio control unit is also available.

When you change your car

If the user decides to change their vehicle and the new vehicle is of a suitable type for this hoist then the hoist can be easily transferred to the new vehicle.

Keywords: Car, Mobility Solutions, Vehicle, wheelchair

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