What Makes For a Great Wedding Video?

What Makes For a Great Wedding Video? from S.E.S. Digital Wedding Videos

By: S.E.S. Digital Wedding Videos  24/07/2014
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What is a conventional wedding video? When questioning about what is a typical wedding video, most of us have the same idea floating through our heads – a boring Sunday afternoon, all the family and friends jam-packed into the living room, watching a very long shaky video filmed by one of our uncles on his camcorder with drawn-out shots and little or no editing. Perhaps you had a professional videographer cover your special day but because you failed to research there style and approach you still ended up disappointed by the finished DVD. The consequences were similar to above, most of your family and friends end up falling to sleep while watching it. The above case is for sure an overstated nightmare and of course you don’t want the same thing to happen. So, what exactly makes a great video? To sum it up, a perfect wedding video is one that entertains everyone who watches it watched over and over again. It’s your wedding video…it has to be Enjoyable: When you choose a professional wedding videographer to shoot your special day, he/she needs to have the artistic ability to pick up those cute, intimate moments, you wish to remember and cherish for the rest of your life; the laughs, the smiles, those precious tears, everything from your wedding. Your videographer needs to be someone who can shoot a great scene, infuse with wide shots, close-ups and mids and do not shoot long draw-out sequences. Most importantly, your wedding is not about directing, it’s more about documenting the day. Though the job of a wedding videographer is quite congruent with that of a wedding photographer, but differs vastly. The photographer has to direct the couple and guests in order to create all those important album shots whereas; the videographer needs to mix into the background like an artist. He needs to capture those magical moments of your special day. A good videographer is one you don’t even notice. They say that the magic is in the editing and without a doubt, they are right. Good camera technique is only part of the job and eventually it all comes down to the editing, and this is where the magic is created and the final production is crafted. Videography is not a rocket science but it is certainly an art. Anyone may pick a video cam and press record button, but it is an amalgamation of professional camera work, and editing that establish the emotion to transmit the significance of the wedding day. A professional will pay attention to the tiniest details and convey them with a fusion of beautiful images and music. And that’s about it, if you wish to have great wedding video then choose the right wedding videographer.

Keywords: wedding dvd, Wedding Films, wedding video cork, Wedding Videographer

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