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By: Aqs Environmental Solutions  05/12/2011
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Sludge dewatering | AQS Environmental Solutions

Mobile Dewatering

On our fleet we have two main types of sludge dewatering units:


Through the course of our growth and our commitment to utilising the best available technology we have developed a comprehensive fleet of specialised sludge dewatering units. These are our Maskoflex units.(see image below)

The Maskoflex mobile sludge dewatering system is developed to reduce the amount of waste taken from a site and thereby the expense of transporting and treating various sludge products is significantly reduced. The mobile dewatering system removes water from the sludge at the reception site and returns the reject water to the treatment plant. This process retains the natural micro organisms in the treatment plant.

The Maskoflex unit is suitable for dewatering water and waste water treatment plants, septic tanks and grease traps. The Maskoflex units have an onboard polymer dosing system and our trained operators can dewater any type of organic material that they encounter. The dewatered sludge remains on board the Maskoflex unit and the dewatered sludge is eventually delivered to a licensed waste disposal facility.

Mobile Centrifuge units

Mobile centrifuge units  – these are larger units designed for more long term dewatering projects such as lagoon dewatering, or general consistent sludge volume dewatering.  The machines that we operate are designed and built to the highest possible specification, and are supplied with chopper pumps, sludge pumps, generators and poly dosing systems ( liquid and solid ) if required.

Keywords: dewatering, Environmental Solutions, Mobile Sludge Dewatering, waste, Waste Disposal,

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Tank and drain cleaning activities are undertaken on a daily basis by AQS, whether it be the cleaning of a domestic septic tank to the removal of hardened material within a 120 metre high storage silo, or the removal of the anoxic material at the base of a sewage digester or aeration tank.


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We also have the capability to carry out full site asset surveys, integrity tests and we can merge all of the information into the one report for our customers. Our CCTV survey units operate the most up to date survey systems enabling us to produce CCTV survey reports of exceptional standard. Our reports are graded by qualified personnel, and our units are controlled by highly trained operatives.


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Hand in hand with our drainage services, our engineering services division also provides services to a wide spectrum of customers. Our engineering services is a division that employs qualified civil engineers and specialist surveying equipment. Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of pipelines/ drain networks to determine structural integrity. GPS tagging of drainage assets (manholes. Tank/ sump testing and resealing.


Structural Repair and Resin injection

Sealing of cracks in underground structures such as car parks, basements, lift shafts and sumps• Eliminating surrounding groundwater ingress to concrete tanks• Eliminating surrounding groundwater ingress to swimming pools and deep pump stations• Elimination of leaks in tank bunds and underground culverts• Manhole sealing• Concrete pipe repair.


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We would also consider that from our experience and commitment to continuous training we have one of the most experienced and trained teams of on site operations personnel in this sector in Ireland. Over the last number of years due to continued expansion and addition of equipment to our fleet, we have taken on may ndustrial services projects. We employ fully trained divers with specialised pumps to remove the sediment layers).


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The process of vacuum excavation essentially means that heavily compacted material such as sludge, filter media and other solid products such as cement, ask and dust can be excavated by suction. The main advantage with using this process is that the risk of damaging sub surface utilities with conventional excavation machinery is completely eliminated.