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By: Acorn Recycling  05/12/2011
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Packaged Waste Management

Acorn Recycling operates a specialised waste extraction unit that removes the packaging from waste and compacts it for recycling and disposal. The liquid extract from the packaging can be treated according to its requirements.

This process suits large distribution companies that seek to manage their returns products and palletised product. The machine can work on Tetra packs, aluminium cans, glass jars, plastic drums, high density plastic packaging. It is also capable of removing water content from primary screenings from urban wastewater treatment plants and wet food products such as fruit and vegetables. 

The REVOLUTION system is developed to separate packaging waste from the contents, there by reducing costs and diverting the waste stream from landfill.

  • Dewaters and compacts in a single action.
  • Conveys and extrudes processed waste in continuous and/or programmable feed.
  • The unit has been used in applications as varied as extracting saline solution from plastic containers, paint from tins, aluminium cans, waste water treatment plant screenings, Tetra packs and oil drum containers.
  • De-packaging plastics

    The unit can be set up on any of our processing sites.

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With the sludge automatically loaded on board, the Maskoflex can then easily transport the dewatered sludge to the disposal destination.Because of the reduction in volume and efficiency of dewatering, the Maskoflex mobile dewatering unit can dramatically reduce the costs of sludge disposal.


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The composting process employed is highly controlled process that ensures compliance with a range of relevant standards, including EPA compost quality requirements and Department of Agriculture animal by-product treatment. Acorn Recycling operate a network of indoor forced aeration composting facilities capable of treating a wide range of biodegradable wastes. Food and Drinks industry sludges and residue.


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The liquid passes into a separation chamber where centrifugal forces separate the solid from the liquid.The solid is flung on to the bowl wall and are fed through the scroll into a discharge and onto a conveyor. It can produce a cake of greater than 21% DS which significantly reduces the volume of water for transport and produces a centrate that is clear enough to discharge or return to the headworks or sludge tank.


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In addition to composting Acorn provides; mobile de-packaging unit for packaged products, sludge dewatering services utilising fixed and mobile plant and disposal of water treatment sludges. Acorn use these range of technologies to find the most cost effective and environmentally sound methods for the disposing of biodegradable wastes.