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By: Landtech Soils  05/12/2011
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Landtech Soils supplies a broad range of top quality products for the landscape and home-garden market.
Specialty Products
CU-Structural Soil® - This is a new addition to our product range - Landtech Soils Ltd has recently become the first Licensed producer of CU-Soil outside of the US and Canada, we are currently the only licensed producer of this material in Europe !
- Following extensive research and testing we have formulated our own substrate blend specifically suited for use as a growing medium for the installation of green-roofs in Ireland . This material is a blend of graded fire clay, screened soil, peat, sand, organic compost and perlite where required. It meets the need, in a green roof installation, for a high quality yet reasonably lightweight growing medium.
Landscape Supplies
Turfgrass - Quality cultivated turfgrass suitable for lawns, sports-fields and all landscaping applications.
Bark Mulch is available in different grades. Available in bulk delivery.
Artificial Grass products for domestic use, landscaping and in various sports and leisure applications.
Substrates - Rootzone Mixes, and Top Dressing Material . Manufactured using selected high quality locally sourced ingredients such as screened top-soil, sand, moss-peat and high quality composted organics - we can produce a suitable growing medium for most landscaping and sports field application. For example, we can produce lightweight substrates for use on roof gardens and in planters where the weight of the substrate may be an issue.
Top Soil - Screened and "As-dug" - We can supply good quality topsoil , both screened and as-dug in large and small quantities. Delivery can be arranged in large and small loads.
Some of the additives we have available for inclusion in substrate mixes:
Sterilised Soil - Where a weed-free soil based substrate is essential, we can produce large quantities of sterilised soil through our gas-fired sterilising plant. This material forms the base for our John Innes type soil based substrates.
LECA Hydro-Corn - Light-weight Expanded Clay Aggregate: Hydro-corn.LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) is a clean and attractive soil-free media with many applications in hydroponics and containers and can also be used in soil mixtures where it is necessary to minimize the weight of the growing media. Hydro-corn is completely inert, pH neutral and reusable.Hydro-corn LECA granules are made by kiln firing small balls of clay which causes them to become extremely porous and durable enough to re-use indefinitely.
Perlite - Horticultural grade Perlite is simply a white, round pearl-like volcanic rock. Adding lots of puffy, lightweight perlite particles into potting soils ensures that those soils are well drained. In essence, perlite is a lightweight substitute for sand. Perlite is a relatively expensive material,. A high quality, well-drained potting soil may have at least 25% perlite to ensure that water drains easily and that the roots have plenty of oxygen.
Vermiculite - Vermiculite, like perlite, is a mineral, heated and blended into potting soils. But while perlite increases drainage, vermiculite does just the opposite. Its role is to temporarily trap water and nutrients, thereby giving plant roots enough time to draw upon these precious resources before they drain away. Vermiculite performs this role very well because of its structure, which roughly resembles a stack of plates. In between these plates, water and nutrients are trapped rather tightly, but plant roots have the knack for extracting what they need.
Moss Peat mirrors vermiculite's role, holding water and nutrients very effectively, and with the right percentage of perlite, it makes vermiculite unnecessary. Vermiculite is often chosen for use in seedling mixtures, because seedlings need the consistent moisture levels that vermiculite is adept at providing.

Keywords: landscape supplies

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