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By: Rib World  05/12/2011

By 2030, the planet will need to produce 50% more food,
with less land, water and energy, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions"
United Nations statement 2008

Ribworld is focussed on these areas and is actively studying ways and means of minimising wastage, and energy usage, in order to protect and sustain the environment,

We recognise how critical it is, for this and subsequent generations, that industry promotes a socially responsible approach to this situation

As our systems improve,  we will achieve minimal waste and optimum use of resources.

At present, our energy requirements are monitored and reviewed regularly. Our energy providers, supplying approx. 95% of our power, use renewable energy sources ~ windfarms. (

Our change to this supplier was estimated as the equivalent of removing approx. 120 cars from the roads each year, (presuming standard saloon at 200 miles per week each would produce c. 3300 kgs of CO2 each per annum) = c. 400,000 kgs of CO2 !


As members of the Repak Scheme, we have  a full system for separating, wood, glass, cardboard,paper etc.for re-cycling.
We are members of the CHEP pallette system, for returnable/re-usable pallets, to minimise wood usage.

Further study is being done on other areas of the business and its partnerships to find areas for improvement.

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