Rainbow Roofing - Delivering an affordable and durable roof spraying solution

By: Rainbow Roofing  05/12/2011

Ultra-violet rays, acid rain, snow and ice have a great influence on the visual effect of your roof tiles and over time, there can be a build up of moss and algae.

Using the innovative and high quality eco-friendly Rainbow Roofing Acrylic Roof Coat system, there is both a vast reduction to moss and algae growth by closing the pores in the cement of the tiles and a visual transformation

From start to finish in four easy steps

Before applying the first coat of paint, a thorough examination of the surface to be renovated takes place.

The house itself - fascias, windows, doors etc., is protected with plastic sheeting.

The roof is thoroughly cleaned using a power wash system.

A coat of primer is applied, enhancing the efficacy of the roof coat system.

The roof is then sprayed with acrylic water-based paint.

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