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By: Get It Covered - Designer Men's Underwear  06/11/2010
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 The Obviously men’s underwear brand was established in March 2007 as a passionate approach to the creative design of products that seek to improve upon existing designs. Rather than simply taking existing mens underwear designs, re-branding them and throwing in some new colours, they wanted to seriously look at the design side of them and work out how things could be done in a better way. As a result the Obviously brand created a unique range of men's underwear that would bring comfort to men who had suffered at the hands of their underwear long enough. All Obviously for Men underwear products have an anatomically designed pouch into which you place your package. The U shaped seam that forms the base of the pouch is designed to sit directly behind your bits, up against your body. This ensures a snug fit and provides the separation necessary to eliminate all the discomfort of regular underwear and provide lots of benefits reducing: sticking, squashing, readjusting, sweating and chafing.

The Modal fabric selected for Obviously Men’s Underwear range comes from a sustainable, natural wood fiber making the products: super soft on your skin, ultra light so it feels like you're not wearing anything at all, resistant to fading and shrinking, and more sweat adsorbent than cotton and other regular underwear materials. Also the Obviously brand believes there is nothing more important than our natural environment, so they created an eco-friendly brand. So, you can buy and wear their products with confidence, knowing that you too are doing everything you can to protect the world we live in.

The Obviously design also allows your genitals to hang downwards and move freely as nature intended. With an increasing number of men concerned about their fertility, Obviously's unique design is non-restrictive of testicle movement and significantly reduces the heat build-up of regular underwear which has been linked to reduced sperm count, reduced swimming ability of sperm, and a decrease in the DNA quality of sperm. So why risk it?


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