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By: Gemini Solutions  05/12/2011
Keywords: Human Resources, industrial relations

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Gemini Solutions coaches candidates to:

  • Achieve their potential at interview and gain in self-confidence, away from the pressures of the recruitment process.
  • Working on candidate’s interview technique and their job seeking experience.
  • Enabling candidates to choose the right roles to suit their skills profile and accomplish their career ambitions.
  • Competency based interviews – how to develop clear illustrative answers to competency based questions.
  • The pre-selection process
  • How to structure an interview
  • How to develop competency based questions
  • How to make decisions against tested criteria

Over recent years, Gemini Solutions has enhanced its mediation practice to ensure that all clients who face contentious situations have available to them a complete range of dispute resolution options. Mediation as a form of dispute resolution is proving itself to be especially effective – in terms of whether the parties’ agreement “sticks” and in terms of costs – in circumstances in which the parties wish to preserve their commercial relationship after the particular dispute is resolved. This briefing sets out the key principles of mediation and the benefits of this mode of dispute resolution, and considers the circumstances in which it typically will be useful.

Like any organization culture, every organisation has its own industrial relations environment. This may involve a multi-union situation, a single union situation, comprehensive agreements or not agreement at all.

We have found over the last number of years that many employers no longer have the industrial relations and negotiation skills internally. We are in a position to supply this needs on a once off or ongoing basis to your organization.

Good employee relations are essential in successful organisations and this is based on your communication with your employees. Depending on the nature of your organisation, communication may be simple or involve sophisticated systems such as conference calling or video links.

Whatever system is used, developing good employee relations is essential to the morale of the company. Many positive organisation initiatives loose their impact because of poor employee relations.

We can provide training and development courses across the full spectrum of Employee Relations.

Employers have come under considerable pressure to bring their Health & Safety standards in line with best practice. It is now a requirement in many industries to provide safety training for all employees.

Is your company Health & Safety compliant? Unknown to many employers, bullying and harassment is covered under safety legislation….

Over the years, many employers have been prosecuted for not having safety statements and for failing to meet safety standards.

It is important for every organisation to have HR policies and strategies. Given the requirements of employment law, employing and dismissing people imposes a heavy burden on any employer who does not get it right at the beginning of the process.

Smart employers put policies in place prior to employing anyone. Change can be an issue with long term employees. We have the expertise to help you tackle these issues, minimising any risk and assisting with the change process.

Each year we are seeing domestic and European legislation covering employment expand. As an employer you must have certain contracts in place – contracts of employment, grievance procedures, harassments and bullying procedures for example. You must also comply with Health & Safety and other important legislation.

We will look at your current procedures and ensure that you as an employer are covered and devise contracts and procedures in the event that you require them.

A key factor in retaining valued employees is the remuneration and benefits package that you provide them. We can assist with devising packages that are similar to professional groups in similar employment. We offer advice and compare packages, assisting in benchmarking your package against other companies.

When employing new members of staff you should take the time to get it right at the beginning. Unless it is a short term contract, this new member will be an integral part of your business. You can’t afford to recruit someone of the basis of chance or on the basis that you can rectify your mistake, especially senior management – the cost would simply be too great for your business.

It is of utmost importance that you make your employee aware of his/her duties and responsibilities, his/her responsibilities under safety legislation and the company dispute and grievance procedures. This is all down to your induction programme – it is vital that you include all necessary legislation.

Training and development should be given careful consideration to maximize the value of this employee in your organisation.

We assist organisations in devising a suitable programme for new and current employees.

Continuous assessment and performance measurement are also essential elements of a successful Human Resource development plan. We advise that this be integrated into developing the skills necessary for individuals to succeed and fulfil their potential within your organisation. We can design a system to suit your needs and train your Line Managers in effective Appraisal systems.

Keywords: Human Resources, industrial relations

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