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Did you ever wonder how doing business could change so quickly how it  ALL changed so quickly ?

That such turmoil could cause you to feel such panic about...well everything ! 

Must have solutions means you are ready for business coaching now.

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Business Coaching will benefit you by:

  • Clarifying the future direction and goals of the business
  • Painting a realistic view of where you are now
  • Developing strategies to achieve your goals
  • Setting measurable targets for yourself
  • Setting a timeframe, starting now…

Stuck in a rut and want to make your job or career, in relationships or just to feel happier

Our NLP Life Coaching is one to one and focused on you. It will benefit you to make changes in your life. Through NLP Life Coaching, you will develop new skills, improve your self-awareness and  will enable you to live life with purpose. You design your own NLP Life Coaching programme for your needs by contacting now

Kevin Collins 086-2504881

 Some areas of life coaching include:

  • Clarifying your life purpose
  • Establishing your life goals
  • Improving your self awareness
  • Clarifying your career choice
  • Setting your own work life balance
  • Managing your stress
  • Developing new skills

Stress is part of our lives and the greatest single source of illness today. It is an individual issue related to individual circumstances. Stress affects us all – the high powered executive trying to balance all the aspects of their life, the parent who has teenagers studying for exams, the commuter dealing with increased traffic. We live better and healthier lives when we manage our stress – not the other way around. NLP Coaching to improve your stress management skills will enable you to take ownership. Our NLP Coaching programme is focussed on your individual requirements and means you will manage your stress even better.

We very seldom plan for a crisis because we prefer not to think about it. Crisis comes in different forms and shapes. In business, it is usually a major and critical event – the consequences of a fire, the loss of a key employee or a Revenue audit. It can also be an unexpected family event or a relationship issue. In most cases it is a major unplanned interruption in our lives. It requires vision, strategy, planning and action. NLP Coaching for Crisis Management means you will have the tools to manage crisis even better.

Being part of a group or a member of a team, you are part of a dynamic – an ever moving and changing dynamic. Groups and staff teams are together because of a shared purpose, interest, vision or goal. Conflict can occur where a mismatch occurs between members or between members and the purpose of the group. When we use NLP Coaching with groups, you get measurable benefits and results by:

  • Identifying incongruence or mismatching
  • Restating/establishing purpose and function
  • Setting targets and goals
  • Outlining operating procedures
  • Rebalancing the group dynamic
  • Monitoring the working of the group towards its objectives

This leads to:

  • Increased clarity of focus, purpose and direction
  • Improved communication
  • Better teamwork
  • Increased mutual trust
  • Improved interpersonal skills

Leadership starts with a vision – a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Leadership is about achieving through people. Therefore a good leader will have the skills to suit the circumstances and the people they are dealing with.

Skills such as:

  • Understanding how individuals and teams operate
  • Conflict management
  • Motivation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Influencing skills

Leadership skills are used in all walks of life – at work, at play, in social settings and at home. Coaching will develop your Leadership skills by giving you the confidence to encourage responsibility and self generated action from those around you and from yourself.

NLP Coaching for Leadership Development will:

  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Improve your people management skills
  • Improve your delegation skills
  • Improve goal setting and action planning
  • Improve your performance management skills

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