By: Ryan Chilling  05/12/2011

Introduction: Panels and trims can be used to create hygenic, food safe prep rooms or partitioning. Large scale projects are custom designed after site survey has being completed.

Panel Manufacture: Our panels are insulated with a self-extinguishing grade of injected, rigid polyurethane foam. Overall density of wall and ceiling panels 45kg/m3. Overall density of the floor panels is 50kg/m3. Wall and ceiling panels are constructed of preformed trays, manufactured from 0.55mm hot dipped galvanized steel finished with food-safe white P.V.C. laminate. Panel joints are silicone sealed, being fungicide protected.

Joint Construction: Ryan Chilling Group coldrooms are constructed on the modular principle. Manufacture of the Polyurethane Panels incorporates a CAM locking system complete with tongue & grooved joints. This modular type of construction give the rooms a quick install and perfect insulation, whereby heat bridges and condensate are thoroughly prevented.

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Its modular design means it may be manufactured and installed to suit your every need in terms of size and location.The Coldroom package includes a complete range of doors; hinged, sliding, hatched, glass doors and strip curtains.Internal fittings available include; shelving, trolley systems, over head rails & side rails. The Ryan Food Coldroom is suitable for all types of food storage – it may be used for frozen or fresh food.



The addition of castors converts static into fully mobile units which can also be adapted as tray and container trolleys manufactured in standard and non-standard size. Stacarac products are extremely versitily in use - the individual modules can be combined to produce virtually any layout of static shelving. Shelf spaces can be provided in any size which may even vary on a single rack allowing maximum use of space.


Beer Chilling

The product is manufactured from the highest quality materials which insures performance, reliability, and minium maintenance requirements. Catering for both single and dual evaporators covering beer chiller coldroom applications and non coldroom applications. Option on thermostatically controlled water recirculation to reduce power consumption and need for continuous operation.