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By: Lyncare  05/12/2011

The MOTOmed MovementTherapySystem enables legs and arms to be moved by motor power or one's one muscle strength. Even minimal residual strength is sufficient. The special functions and the configuration of the MOTOmed allows for safe and effective training at home or for use in hospitals, nursing homes or treatment centres. Who uses MOTOmed Therapy?
People with: Multiple sclerosis, stroke, paraplegia, tetraplegia, quadriplegia, spastic paralysis, muscular disabilities, craniocerebral trauma (brain Injury), cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, Spinabifida, Guillain-Barre-syndrome, poliomyelitisÂ…. Therapy Goals
The goals of the MOTOmed Therapy are:
  • To reduce spasticity and become more flexible
  • Rediscover residual muscle strength
  • Counteract the consequences of a lack of movement
  • Promote walking ability
  • Strengthen the sense of mental well-being

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