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By: Tipperary Energy Agency  05/12/2011

Introducing Renewables into your home

ntroducing renewable solutions  into your home can help reduce your bills further. Renewable sources can be used to provide hot water and heating to the house or to generate electricity.

Water and central heating systems

Solar water heating energy

The sun is a powerful source of energy and can be used in our homes  using different types of solar panels. For more information


Energy from the biomass has been used for millions of years and newer technologies now enable the systems to be more energy efficient. For more information


The heat stored in the  ground  can be harvested and used to heat your home . For more information….

Generating  electricity from the renewable resources

There are renewable technologies which enable producion of electricity at home. Homeowners who wish to consider these options are advised to have a good knowledge of their current energy consumption. Please also note that there are currently no grants available for the technologies listed below.

Solar photovoltaics energy

PV panels will convert the sun’s energy into electricity . For more information

Hydro Power

This energy originates with the sun due to evaporation of surface water ino clouds which after precipitation on elevated land collects into streams and rivers and can be harvested as Hydroelectricity. More information can be found on this technology here.

Wind Power

Throughout history, people have been using the energy from wind which again originates with the sun. This source of energy can be used to generate electricity in your home. For more information

Generating your own electricity is possible whether or not you are connected to the grid. However if you are looking to operate the systems off grid, then the system will be more complex, additional components such as batteries to store the electricity generated will be required.

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By reducing the amount of energy that we are using at home we make it more energy efficient which makes it more comfortable to live in and reduces our bills and our CO2. Our homes are using large amounts of energy on a daily basis such that approximately 25% of Irelands energy need is down to our homes.


Your Business – Tipperary Energy Agency

The Commercial and Industrial Sector accounts for 30% of all energy consumption in County Tipperary and their are many opportunities to reduce energy consumption and develop renewable energy projects. The TEA has worked with clients such as Abbot Vascular, South and North Tipperary County Enterprise Boards, Credits Unions and others to implement energy projects and promote sustainable energy.