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By: Tipit  05/12/2011
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Tipit Solutions | Web Production firm Tipit

Tipit offers custom web production services, allowing your website or software application to be built to your exact specifications. We are trained in agile programming to develop projects around a rough specification, employing an iterative development style.

Our costs vary based on the project details. Development fees range from $65 – $165 per hour depending on details, skills, urgent/after-hours and level of engagement.

LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
This open source environment was one of the original web programming environments and some of Tipit’s first sites back in 1996 utilized this architecture. Since its inception, it has only gotten better and better. Extraordinarily flexible in its approach, one can build out an extremely tight, efficient and snappy site. The software that drives this is completely free and has a huge community of developers.  As such there is no lack for freely available software to kick off your project.  If you are looking for the ultimate in flexibility and some serious staying power – this is the choice for you.

Microsoft ASP.NET / SQL Server Solutions
ASP.NET is an excellent choice for your web site / web application. Utilizing all the best that object-oriented programming and pre-compiled code has to offer, ASP.NET applications are fast, robust and reliable. ASP.NET can scale from a basic web application to a full enterprise class solution. If you are looking to start simply and grow big, there is arguably no better platform to be on. Tipit started developing classic ASP sites in 1998 and migrated to dot net C# as soon as the first release candidates were emerging. Our experience with SQL Server goes back just as far.

Pure XHTML / CSS liquid layout, HTML5 & AJAX
Look Ma, no tables! That’s right, one of the corner stones of web design has gone the way of the CD – it’s all about CSS layout these days. Not only is it quick and easy to load, the pages are naturally search engine optimized. Since there is significantly less markup involved, the pages are easily scrapped and indexed by all search engines. As a wise man once said: tables are for tabular data. The web evolved so quickly it has taken this long to catch up and provide the proper tools to dictate the layout for the type of sophisticated user interface that today’s modern web surfer has come to expect.

Utilizing all these tools there is no shortage of possibilities!

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Keywords: web production

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