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By: Timeworks  05/12/2011
Keywords: time management

Complete flexitime management systems

  • Automate the management of flexitime
  • Involve employees in the management task
  • Complete control of related absences
  • Complete control of flexible leave
  • Break management
  • Core time management
  • Management of flexible shifts and rosters

Flexi time allows employees to start and finish work between a flexible range of agreed hours, so long as they work a set amount of hours each day or week. For example, an employee may be required to work seven hours a day, but may start work at any time between 8 am and 10 am and finish work seven hours later, between 4 pm and 6 PM.

A flexitime work arrangement benefits both the employee and the employer. For some employees, especially working parents, such an arrangement can help balance work and family responsibilities such as child or elder care. It can also help commuters avoid time-consuming and stressful rush-hour traffic, and provide workers with larger blocks of "leisure" time.

The arrangement has many advantages for employers as well. Such schedules can help curb lateness and absenteeism, and even increase motivation at work. Also, it is often argued that flexitime schedules can increase efficiency by permitting the scheduling of activities to coincide with the ebb and flow of the workload.

Flexible work schedules have some disadvantages, however. Under this work arrangement, managers have the uneasy task of ensuring an optimal work flow and the coverage of critical functions; they are also often faced with the additional costs of increased supervision needed to ensure that the required hours are worked by employees. Finally, flexitime schedules can increase some overhead costs such as heating and cooling, since a building's environment must be maintained over the course of a longer working day.

Keywords: time management

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