By: Thinksmart Technologies  05/12/2011

ThinkSmart is leading the way in the difficult problem of the conversion of location data from wireless networks in enterprises to meaningful actionable data that can be used to drive new business outcomes.

To convert the data and unlock actionable business value ThinkSmart is employing a groundbreaking articifial intelligence, optimisation and analytics capability to overcome the complex problem of dynamically measuring and predicting people movement.

Location Analytics - The Next Generation

With data volumes growing rapidly, many organisations now find that data is a burden rather than an asset. Using the location intelligence capabilities of Intellify can uncover important business intelligence and unlock new sources of value for a company.

Airports - Location Analytics

Unlock New Value and New Profits

Advanced Optimization and Analytics

Ensuring the correct resources are in the right place at the right time with the right characteristics can often be a difficult thing to get right. Resources can be human, financial or physical – and sometimes a combination for two or more of these. Optimal resource scheduling in a dynamic manner can drastically improve performance and deliver huge savings.

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